10 tenth week of pregnancy

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XNUMXth week of pregnancy

You are officially in the XNUMXth week of pregnancy and your path to becoming a mother is now confirmed. The fetus is growing more and more and in a while the bacon will start showing up.

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Symptoms of the XNUMXth week of pregnancy

The nausea will last for a few more days, this is because the levels of ormoni beta Hcg they are still quite high, but they will soon begin to drop and then stabilize. At that point the nausea should pass.
The appetite is always very strong, try to eat when you feel the need but do not overdo it.
Le losses vaginal vials may be more abundant than before, if the liquid is clear and have a strong odor, it is advisable to seek medical attention. Levels generally increase progesterone it causes leucorrhea, that is, an increase in secretions and mucous membranes, therefore an increase in whitish vaginal discharge can be completely normal, but in case of bad smell, itching or discomfort it is better to report it to your gynecologist.

How the body changes in the XNUMXth week of pregnancy

The uterus grows week after week and you may feel some cramp-like pain due to changes in the uterine tissues.
The breasts are still very tight, be careful to use soft, tight-fitting bras, suitable for pregnancy and able to contain the breasts in its changes.
You may be suffering from rhinitis gravidarum. Symptoms are similar to those of a cold: stuffy nose and breathing difficulties, especially at night; less ability to perceive odors; closed rhinolalia, or the nasal voice; mucorrhea, hence the constant production of mucus; very frequent sneezing; itchy feeling inside the nose. The washes with physiological solution they could be useful but not resolving: if the problem becomes serious consult your doctor.

How does the child grow?

In the XNUMXth week of pregnancy the fetus it measures about 2 centimeters and weighs 2 grams. Her face begins to take a human shape. Her hair bulbs begin to grow and the outside of her ears appear.

His liver is very large compared to his other organs in formation. Her arms and legs continue to grow and her fingers and toes begin to be visible.

These days you will have your first ultrasound , a really exciting time. The operator spreads a little gel on the stomach and with a probe examines the situation inside the uterus. The examination is completely painless. If you have to do this type of ultrasound, called an external one, you will need to have a bladder full of water.

The ultrasound will also serve to date the pregnancy with greater precision and to tell what the expected date of delivery will be, but also to check if the pregnancy is single or twin regularity of the fetal heartbeat, and some measurements are made of the little one in training.

By the 12th week the nuchal translucency can be done, the doctor will evaluate the measurements of the nuchal translucency. It is a fold of fat located behind the baby's head between the spine and the skin, the thickness of which is measured. The correlation between this and other parameters, mainly age, allows us to calculate a risk index, with a certainty of about 80%, on the basis of which it is decided whether to resort to amniocentesis.

Curiosities about the XNUMXth week of pregnancy

It is the right time to relax and to dedicate yourself to yourself with beauty treatments. If you love massages, pay attention to the essential oils you use because some are incompatible with pregnancy and can increase the risk of miscarriage.


What the baby feels in the belly

Sounds, noises, pain: what does the fetus feel during the nine months of pregnancy?

XNUMXth week of pregnancy, what to do

Consider buying a new (larger) bra and wearing low-rise pants to help accommodate larger breasts and tummy. In case of a cold it can be useful take vitamin C through freshly squeezed orange juice. Even herbal teas such as those based on karkadè and rose hips bring great benefits in case of a cold or a runny nose.

Weeks of pregnancy

If you want to learn more about the other 40 weeks of pregnancy, she has created a nine-month calendar with advice on health, nutrition and tests to take during the 40 weeks. You will also be able to find out about the changes in the mother's body, how the baby bump grows and how the fetus develops.

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