10 things a dad of a daughter needs to know

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Father and daughter relationship

They say that for a dad have a daughter is one of the most beautiful things in the world. We talk about the special relationship that is usually created between a child and her father, but often the new fathers also hear a series of not so reassuring commonplaces: dire predictions of the adolescent period, doubts about how to deal with purely feminine issues (menstruation, first loves, uncomfortable curiosities ...) and unlikely future boyfriends ready to take your little girl away from you forever.

Let's try to draw up a list of things a dad with daughters should know without presuming to teach anyone anything, but only trying to give some useful suggestions.

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  • Set a good example part one

A parent's ability to teach through what they do, thus setting a good example, is a universal rule. In the case of daughters, however, it takes on different nuances: in fact, little girls often feel such affection and love for their father that when they are grown up they will go in search of a man who has the same characteristics as their father. So if you behave correctly and set a good example for your daughter, know that she will probably look for someone just like you.

  • Give her some quality time

Don't think that it's enough to buy her the latest smartphone model, or the most fashionable clothes. What your daughter really needs is time, time to spend with you without distractions. Take some free moments in the day, come back from work a little earlier if you can, and dedicate some quality time to her in which to listen to her, play with her, understand her world and her reference points.

  • Try to understand his world

Closely related to the previous point is this aspect, which is to try to really understand what she likes. Whether it is Peppa Pig when she is smaller, or the Winx when she grows up a little, what seems absurd fixations to you are not so for her that she attributes absolute importance to these aspects of her life. Make her feel that you understand what she is feeling. Try listening to the songs she loves with her and try to remember what you were like at her age.

  • Set a good example part two

Another key example you can give your daughter will teach her what role she must play as a woman in society. It's obviously about the way you treat her mother. Growing up with a dad who helps set the table, puts the dishes in the dishwasher, speaks kind words to his partner and treats her with respect will make your daughter understand what women mean to you and she will not accept men who treat her badly in the future and who do not respect it.

  • Be there at the crucial moments

Never put work or other distractions ahead of your daughter. Go see the game, the dance recital, the concert or whatever she does. For her, those are fundamental moments and when she turns her gaze in the audience, the first person she will look for will be you.

  • Create special routines

In today's busy life it is difficult to imagine having time for certain things. But it is important that you manage to create moments in which you and she do something special between you and that this situation becomes a pleasant routine first and a wonderful memory later.

  • Don't impose stereotypes

The fact that she is a girl does not imply that she has to dance. Give her the freedom to try more things, more activities or sports and then help and guide her in a choice that belongs to her.

  • Dedicate yourself to her

Don't be afraid to do certain things, don't be afraid of not being able and don't delegate everything to your wife. For example, you could help her polish her hair, style her hair, or go shopping with her.

  • You are not infallible

Let her know that as a parent and as a father you are not infallible. You can be wrong too. In this case, try to put pride aside and apologize if necessary.

  • Enjoy every moment

From the moment you first hear “daddy” it will be good to enjoy every single moment you spend with her. Never put off something you can do with her today until tomorrow, time passes very quickly and when you least expect it your little girl will already be a woman.

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