12 twelfth week of pregnancy

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Twelfth week of pregnancy

Congratulations, in a few days you will officially enter the fourth month of pregnancy (which will start at 13 weeks + 2 days). The risk of miscarriage has significantly decreased, morning sickness decreases, beta Hcg is lowered and will remain stable for much of the rest of the pregnancy and this will cause nausea to begin to subside.

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Symptoms of the twelfth week of pregnancy

The breasts are heavy and painful, buy a suitable bra, which supports them adequately. In some women as early as the 12th week the linea nigra, that dark line that crosses your belly, is caused by pregnancy hormones that stimulate more melanin production.

You may feel tired, enjoy the quiet moments, ask for help with housework, relax. Keep paying attention to your lifestyle, eat the right foods, properly hydrate. Drink at least 1,5 liters of water a day.

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How the woman's body changes in the twelfth week of pregnancy

The shapes begin to round and it's time to think about shopping. Today maternity fashion is very feminine and sophisticated, opt for small shops and avoid the crowds of shopping centers.
During pregnancy i hair they become thicker, but also fatter and less manageable. The high hormone levels alter normal hair growth and loss, consequently hair loss will stop during pregnancy, and then noticeably resume after childbirth.

Twelfth week of pregnancy: How the baby grows 

The child assumes more and more human features, he slowly begins to move even if he does not feel. You will feel it around the fourth, fifth month of pregnancy. His brain develops more and more and the connections between cells increase; the reflexes are more and more precise and he begins to suck his thumb.

The eyes and ears are well placed and hair and nails appear. It can also suck your thumb.
All internal organs are functioning and the nervous system and muscles are active. The fetus measures about 4 centimetersie it is similar in size to that of a kiwi.


From seed to pumpkin, how big is your baby

Photos of vegetables and fruits to get an idea of ​​how the baby grows in 40 weeks of pregnancy

Twelfth week of pregnancy: curiosities

Acne in pregnancy

You may be suffering from acne. The cause of this disorder is mainly related to hormonal changes. The secretion of estrogen and progesterone undergoes major changes during pregnancy and this also affects the production of sebum and the balance of the skin. And the risk of suffering from acne is much higher for women who had acne problems in their teens or earlier pregnancy. So pay attention to skin care and hygiene. Purchase an antibacterial gel, but make sure it can be used during pregnancy. And remember that most of the cosmetic or pharmaceutical products that are generally prescribed to treat acne, are contraindicated in pregnancy due to substances potentially toxic to the fetus, such as:

  • and retinoids,
  • tetracycline,
  • isotretinoin.

Pregnant hairdresser

Pregnant you can safely continue to go to the hairdresser: the only precaution is to avoid making permanent, colors or meches. The shatush and highlights can be done because the products do not come into contact with the skin, the important thing is to perform them in well-aired rooms and rinse the hair thoroughly with warm or fresh water.

Twelfth week of pregnancy, what to do

In this week you will be able to perform the Villocentesi. This sampling is done to study the DNA and evaluate if there are chromosomal and genetic abnormalities.

Sports in pregnancy

Play sport during pregnancy it can be extremely healthy as long as you carefully choose the right physical activity. Common sense and caution: this is what future mothers who perhaps until then have always followed a workout to keep fit must always keep in mind.


Sports in pregnancy

Photos of pregnant women gracefully practicing a variety of sporting activities

The 40 weeks of pregnancy

Here is the calendar of 40 weeks of pregnancy with advice on health, nutrition and tests to be done during the nine months. You will also be able to find out about the changes in the mother's body, how the baby bump grows and how the fetus develops.

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