13 thirteenth week of pregnancy

13 thirteenth week of pregnancy
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Thirteenth week of pregnancy

La thirteenth week marks a bit of a turning point for your pregnancy. TO 13 settimane you officially enter the fourth month of pregnancy and close on first quarter of gestation, the risk of miscarriage is now behind you and the first changes in your body are starting to be evident. You can shout to the whole world to expect a baby.

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Symptoms of the thirteenth week of pregnancy

If you have suffered from nausea, it should be gone by now. You will feel less tired with respect to the principle of pregnancy. You will return to being active and toned. It will be from now on that weight gain it will become more evident.

If up to now it has been around 1 kg, from now on it will proceed at an approximate rate of 400 grams per week, until it achieves, if there are no particular dietary restrictions, an increase at the end of gestation from around 9 to 12 kg. .

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How a woman's body and belly change

The hips begin to be more visible: usually moles first three months weight gain and therefore the increase in the belly is minimal, on average the belly begins to show in the fourth month, when the linea nigra also begins to form and the body also begins to change structurally. Take care of your skin: it is certainly dry and in need of more hydration, choose the right clothing, which is comfortable, and a suitable bra that supports the breasts well.

The uterus is about the size of a large orange, like a grapefruit. From the fourth month onwards, the uterus cannot be contained within the pelvis and its upper extremity can be felt in the abdomen.

The fetus in the thirteenth week of pregnancy 

Now he opens his fingers and mouth and is preparing to feed himself, he drinks the amniotic fluid and his kidneys are able to metabolize and eliminate it. The taste of amniotic fluid changes depending on what you eat, and the baby begins to discover the sense of taste. Be careful to choose the right foods.

The fetus measures 5 centimeters and is the size of a small shrimp or a pod of peas. The head is still very large and disproportionate to the rest of the body.


From seed to pumpkin, how big is your baby

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Thirteenth week of pregnancy, what to do

You've already made your first one gynecological examination, ultrasound and the nuchal translucency? Enjoy rest and relaxation and start thinking about which birth preparation course you would like to take. There is a wide choice, from water gymnastics to yoga.

This is the last week that you can make the journey for the prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. In addition to invasive prenatal diagnosis, there are other options for screening for Down syndrome risk. An estimate is obtained of the risk of the fetus being affected. Here's what you can do:
  • Nuchal translucency to measure the thickness of the nape of the fetus
  • The bitest or duotest: a maternal blood test to measure the level of two substances,
  • Beta HCG and PAPP-A, altered in children affected by Down syndrome.
  • Combined test: Bitest combined with nuchal translucency
  • Fetal DNA test on maternal blood

The 40 weeks of pregnancy

But what happens in the other weeks of pregnancy, and what should we expect? Here is the complete calendar of 40 weeks of pregnancy with advice on health, nutrition and tests to be done during the nine months. You will also be able to find out about the changes in the mother's body, how the baby bump grows and how the fetus develops.

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  • Pictures of pregnancy week by week
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