14 fourteenth week of pregnancy

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Fourteenth week of pregnancy

You are fully in the fourth month of pregnancy and the second trimester. The baby grows at the speed of light and you will soon feel his first movements.

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The great tiredness of the early days begins to subside, the nausea has disappeared, the nipples are harder and darker.
You can suffer from digestive disorders and heartburn: to avoid these problems eat lightly, avoid acidic foods and drink at least two liters of water a day. Especially because it is necessary to produce the amniotic fluid.
This is not the time to go on a diet for the purpose of losing weight, but it is time to change yours supply, eating healthier and richer foods from the point of view of vitamins and overall nutritional intake.

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How the woman's body changes in the fourteenth week of pregnancy 

You may also notice an increased production of vaginal secretions. It is a normal mechanism that protects the baby from infections.


The breasts are always very soft and large, the nipples are dark and can secrete a yellowish liquid, the colostrum.


Attention to contractions, are a warning and must be kept under control. On the one hand it is normal to feel contractions, caused by the change of the tissues of the uterus, on the other hand they must never be regular and of increasing intensity. So also in the first months, it is possible to experience sensations of weight and pain in the lower abdomen similar to menstrual cramps. They are caused by the contractions of the uterus, due to the effect of the stimulus of oxytocin, which increases the concentration of calcium ions. This increase triggers it actina and miosina which, causing the shortening of the muscle fibers, cause the event.

Urinary tract infections

And also beware of urinary tract infections. They are not to be taken lightly as they can lead to serious complications and in more serious cases to premature birth. There cystitis it is a problem that should not be underestimated and that must always be treated with the utmost scrupulousness, especially if it is derived from a bacterial infection. Sometimes, however, despite the treatments, the disorder recurs frequently and becomes very annoying.

How the baby grows in the fourteenth week of pregnancy 

In a few days the fetus changes a lot: it can already do a lot of things, but now it can embrace its little fist, move its lips, swallow saliva. His face is more and more defined. The cheeks and base of the nose appear, the eyes come closer together. Starting this week, the lanugo, a fine hair that grows over most of the baby's body and has a protective function for the baby. There thyroid she has matured and starts producing hormones. In males, the prostate appears and in females the ovaries descend into the pelvic cavity.

At the fourteenth week the fetus it measures about 7 centimeters and weighs more or less 23 grams.

Fourteenth week of pregnancy, the curiosities 

The third month has passed and the risk of miscarriage spontaneous has decreased dramatically. It's time to announce the news to the whole family

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