18 XNUMXth week of pregnancy

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18th week of pregnancy

Arrived at eighteenth week of pregnancy you are in the fifth month of pregnancy, the muscles, bones and nerves of the fetus continue to develop rapidly.

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If this is your first baby this week you may be experiencing the first stomach ailment that has nothing to do with problems with your stomach.indigestion. You will finally know that the child is right there in you. You may suffer a littleinsomnia and the movements of the fetus could be more acute just at night, take a chamomile. To read contractions Painless uterus are caused by the movement of the baby.

There may also be other small ones annoyances like dehydrated and dry skin.

It is always important to pay attention to the diet: also because hemorrhoids can occur in this period, a very common annoying ailment in pregnancy, and you can prevent the problem by drinking plenty of water and taking a lot of fiber, which also promote intestinal regularity.

Discuss the problem with your gynecologist who will be able to recommend a remedy suitable for your condition.

How the baby grows in the XNUMXth week of pregnancy

At the 18th week of pregnancy, the fetus is about 13 centimeters long and weighs about 140 grams. The skin becomes thicker and thicker and the nails are complete: it also has its own fingerprint. She moves often and if you haven't already heard hers movements it will happen soon.

The sense of taste begins to refine because in these days the taste buds develop and the fetus can distinguish between sour, sweet, bitter salty tastes.

How mom's body changes 

You feel great although you may experience a little shortness of breath after a walk or after a light exercise: this is completely normal and is caused by an increase in volume of the uterus making space.

If you have not already done so, always grease the skin of the whole body but above all of the breasts, hips and belly with sweet almond oil or with specific anti-stretch mark creams and ointments for pregnancy.

In pregnancy these hated stretch marks, if they decide to visit us, usually always occur in the second half of gestation, that is after the 4th month, even if the basis for their appearance is in the eating and hygienic behavior of the first months.

Give it to fair complexion they are more predisposed and familiarity also affects: there is more probability of having them if they already have a mother or sisters.

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Eighteenth week of pregnancy ultrasound (PHOTO)

If despite the precautions, stretch marks should occur, do not worry because after childbirth, since the skin was treated during pregnancy, their extension decreases a lot.

Even the rosy or violet complexion gradually becomes lighter and more pearly, and on the skin there are usually whitish linear areas that are not very evident.

Eighteenth week of pregnancy, the curiosities

It's time to enjoy yours sexuality. Until the end of the fifth month is the best time to enjoy life as a couple because you feel fit and the nausea is gone.

Take every opportunity to be happy and remember that the baby feels nothing, is cradled in his amniotic fluid and is not damaged.

Tests to be done during the XNUMXth week of pregnancy

From the 18th to the 20th week it is possible to carry out cordocentosis which consists of a fetal blood sampling to diagnose fetal infections and check for any chromosic abnormalities found at amniocentesis or in case of fetal malformation highlighted with ultrasound in late pregnancy.

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Pregnancy weeks calendar

If you want to learn more about the other 40 weeks of pregnancy, she has created a nine-month calendar with advice on health, nutrition and tests to take during the 40 weeks. You will also be able to find out about the changes in the mother's body, how the baby bump grows and how the fetus develops.

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