19 nineteenth week of pregnancy

Nineteenth week of pregnancy

You are in the fifth month of pregnancy. This is perhaps the best time of pregnancy: you feel fit and full of energy and you are likely to be hungrier.

Symptoms of the nineteenth week

You may suffer from some circulatory disorder because 25% of the blood volume is used by the placenta to feed the baby.  
The insatiable hunger may have passed, but you don't have to go on a diet. Eat what you want, as long as it's healthy food.
La nineteenth week it is the best time to start breathing control exercises that many women consider very useful at the time of labor.
Probably harmony more precisely because of the increased circulation of blood in your body. The nose may also be more congested and vaginal discharge may increase during this time.

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How the child grows

The fetus can put its hands together, touch its feet, suck its thumb, but it spends most of its time sleeping. Sleeps at least twenty hours a day, and sleep is essential for its growth and development. In this nineteenth week the fetus measures 14 centimeters and weighs 190 grams.

Her movements are frequent: the child moves very much and still has a lot of space to do it freely.

The seeds of the permanent teeth are formed on top of those already formed of the milk teeth. They continue to develop the sensory and neural system and it has also begun to build the immune system, with the appearance of the first white blood cells. Important changes take place in the brain because the areas that oversee the five senses specialize in this phase.
In addition, the fetus begins to perceive more clearly the sounds coming from the outside, let him listen to sweet music, talk to him, invite the father to talk to him.

Right from the fifth month of gestation or from when the baby's movements begin to feel, you can enter in contact with the babyAnd. With the term aptonomia it indicates the science of touch that allows mum and dad to get in touch with the little one through special massages. In this way it is possible to send him messages of love and well-being, laying the foundations of that relationship which at birth can only be symbiotic.

How mom's body changes

Lo stomach begins to move to one side to make room for the visibly growing uterus. The flow and volume of blood increases considerably.
You may notice changes in skin color. On face darker spots may appear (it's called chloasma, or pregnancy mask), and the nipples or skin in the armpits may also darken.

You can suffer from dyspnea, this is because basically ... you breathe for two. Headache, insomnia, dizziness are quite frequent and completely normal disorders.
You can try with theacupuncture: the needle stimulates some vital centers and this technique can help you not only to reduce the hassles of pregnancy, but also during preparation for childbirth.

Nineteenth week of pregnancy, the curiosities 

If the actual preparation for childbirth begins no earlier than the seventh month of pregnancy, that doesn't mean you can't start thinking about it.
How do you want to prepare yourself? There are many different approaches: from carnatic chant to breathing techniques to yoga.

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