21 twenty-first week of pregnancy

Twenty-first week of pregnancy

Il fifth month of pregnancy is about to come to an end. In fact, the fifth month ends at 21 weeks + 6 days.
If you haven't done it yet, it is this week that you do themorphological ultrasound, a very important test that serves to make sure that the child is growing well and does not have obvious malformations or anomalies.

How the child grows 

The child is a lot active, kicks and moves. Periods of drowsiness and sleep alternate with moments of activity, on average he takes 20-60 breaths every half hour: a real workout for him who is so small.
Her dimensions are 16 cm and weigh about 300 grams. THE lungs are developing and if you do a morphological ultrasound you will discover the sex of the unborn child.
It is able to perceive i sounds, so talk to him, have him listen to the music, and maybe think about taking a prenatal singing class.
In the fifth month of gestation the baby clearly perceives the stimuli external and the touch is already similar to that of a one year old baby. The fetus is almost completely formed, from this moment on it will have to grow only in weight and size

As the doctor explains, the XNUMXst week ultrasound is essential first of all to evaluate the morphology of the brain and head, to take measurements, evaluate the amount of liquid present, the correct closure of the spinal column and therefore exclude the spina bifida. Even the heart, with its 4 chambers, should be carefully studied with this ultrasound, as well as all the other vital organs, the limbs and the insertion of the placenta.

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Symptoms XNUMXst week of pregnancy

You may begin to feel excessively tired, try to rest because excessive fatigue is not good for you or the baby. And you may experience a little shortness of breath, caused by the compression the uterus makes on other organs and on the lungs.

Studies have shown that women who do heavy duty or heavy work are more at risk of premature birth, feel free to talk to your doctor and consider asking for early leave from work. 


Ultrasound in pregnancy | PHOTO

Ultrasound in pregnancy | Examples of ultrasound scans during the 40 weeks of pregnancy

How mom's body changes

You may suffer from iron deficiency, so pay attention to nutrition and eat dried apricots, eggs, chocolate.

Attention also to the weight: up to now you should have taken approx three kilos. Monitor your diet and nutrition.
The growing uterus dilates against the lungs and pushes the abdomen forward. The navel it could also protrude, that is, protrude forward and remain in this position until after delivery. The chest, more than the breasts, has widened, if you have not yet bought a bra with adjustable support, now is the time to do it.
It may happen that a swelling: it's your baby leaning against you 'from the inside' and maybe it's a foot, arm or head. Caress this swelling slowly, to show your baby all your love and to promote his neurological development.


If you have discovered the baby's gender thanks to the ultrasound scan, start thinking about which one name give it!
It is good to find a good one compromise between mom and dad and above all make the right choice for the child's future.
No ridiculous names, or names that do not agree well with the surname, and remember that the registry office officer can always refuse to transcribe a name that is contrary to the interest of the child.

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