24 twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

Twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

You have reached the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy which corresponds to the sixth month of pregnancyThe little one is now a little human being in miniature. His organs are developed and mature, but it takes a while for his lungs to be developed enough for him to survive out of the belly.


You may feel yourself tired and a little down in tone. It can be useful, to regain some strength and support the weight that weighs on you, to increase the intake of vitamins and starch. Always consult a doctor before varying the diet: remember that the ideal weight gain is around 9 12-kg for the entire duration of gestation. Excessive weight gain due to incorrect nutrition could make the continuation of gestation and, sometimes, childbirth more difficult.
From now on it's easy to take around one kilo per month.

How the body changes in the 24th week of pregnancy

By this twenty-fourth week of pregnancy the uterus has reached the size of one watermelon! The baby continues to grow and pushes some of your organs. The body is undergoing a real geographical upheaval and this can cause great fatigue.
You can suffer from backache and other annoyances related to posture that adapts to changes in the body. It's normal: avoid high heels, try to have a correct posture, consult a physiotherapist or an osteopath. You can also try doing some exercise for back pain. For example, a simple exercise against low back pain is the get on all fours and curl your back upward while exhaling. Then by contracting the abdominal muscles and buttocks, the pelvis is brought forward. Then return to the starting position by inhaling and relaxing the muscles. Repeat 10 times.

How to prevent back pain in pregnancy

Remember that often the cause of the backache it is the incorrect posture, let's talk to the gynecologist who will advise us how to perform certain movements, how to bend down, how to bend, etc., in order to reduce the effort and weight on the spine; if possible we attend a Yoga course, which with targeted exercises and postural education, allows us to enjoy benefits for the back by fighting pain and discomfort.


"Kos og Kaos" and disorders in pregnancy | PHOTO

Kos og Kaos and disorders in pregnancy | Line Severinsen, Norwegian illustrator and mother of two, has created a fun series called "Kos og Kaos" ("Cuddles and Chaos") for ...

How the child grows

During the 24th week of pregnancy the brain of the child grows more and more and allows him to make many gestures, to feel what is happening outside and to respond to stimuli vowels.

The baby is now measuring 28 centimeters and weighs about 500 grams. The brain continues to develop through the neurons that make up the six layers of the cortex. He has full control of his muscles, he can put a finger in his mouth, lift his arm and take the umbilical cord.
The child grows rapidly. Although the vital organs are now mature, the lungs are not yet sufficiently developed for it to survive outside the uterus.
He has all his muscle control and can yawn, put his finger in his mouth, lift his arm, and even take the umbilical cord!
Si moves often and often he gives blows or kicks, but above all responds to external stimuli: a caress on the belly, a tap, music, are important stimuli for him that push him to respond.
Sometimes the belly does moves visibly thanks to its movements.

Twenty-fourth week of pregnancy ultrasound (PHOTO)


Ultrasound in pregnancy | PHOTO

Ultrasound in pregnancy | Examples of ultrasound scans during the 40 weeks of pregnancy

24 weeks of pregnancy, the curiosities 

L'water it is essential during pregnancy both for the correct development of the baby and for your health, to improve intestinal functions and maintain kidney function. Drink at least one and a half liters of water a day and increase the dose if it is hot, you have a fever or gastroenteritis.

Video 24 weeks of pregnancy 

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