26 twenty-sixth week of pregnancy

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26th week of pregnancy

At 26 weeks and 3 days you will enter the seventh month of pregnancy, and officially the third trimester of gestation. The child becomes more and more receptive to external stimuli and the mother feels more and more the weight of the fetus.

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  • Photo Ultrasound 26 week of pregnancy
  • How does mom's body change?
  • Interesting facts about the 26rd week of pregnancy
  • How does mom's body change?
  • Interesting facts about the 26rd week of pregnancy
  • Video 26 week of pregnancy
  • Video 26th week of pregnancy
  • Weeks of pregnancy

26 week of pregnancy, fetal weight

The child measures 34 cm  and weighs about 660 grams. It is very receptive to stimuli and external noises and therefore thanks to this you could communicate with him, with your voice or with your hands.

But the music also reaches his ears, so choose a pleasant music that is not a noise, because it has the power to relax or agitate him. His lungs they are more and more developed and is able to perform movements with the respiratory muscles. The head and body are more proportionate and the respiratory system continues its growth with the appearance of the bronchi. The child can often have the hiccup because it ingests amniotic fluid.

The baby's skin begins to change, it was once thin as tissue paper and transparent, now it becomes thicker and opaque.

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Symptoms of the twenty-sixth week 

The child begins to weigh really and you may feel tired. The backache is around the corner, have a relaxing massage or go to a physiotherapist. She ditches high heels and wears more comfortable shoes that can relieve back pain.

You often feel very tired but sleeping at night can start to be a bit difficult because your belly is bigger and doesn't allow you to assume all the most comfortable positions. Furthermore, at night the child moves more and kicks. The best position for sleeping during pregnancy is on the bed left side. Also don't eat heavy meals before bed and do some exercise relaxation.

Muscle cramps are also frequent and it is easy for us to forget things, to be more careless and over-thinking.


Development of the fetus | PHOTO

Development of the fetus | How the fetus grows in 40 weeks of pregnancy

Photo Ultrasound 26 week of pregnancy

26 weeks ultrasound

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How does mom's body change?

The uterus has grown a lot in its size, pushes and compresses the diaphragm and lungs (and therefore you can often feel breathless and short of breath), and it displaces organs such as the stomach.

You may suffer from heartburn and indigestion, this is because the baby weighs on the stomach and you may feel full much earlier than usual. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor for advice if burning or reflux becomes difficult to manage.

Often the cause of heartburn is also to be found in the position that the mother assumes: being seated for a long time compresses the belly, resulting in aches that lead to abdominal pain. In order to avoid this discomfort, it may be useful to practice light sports or gymnastics, which help to keep the skin elastic and to minimize inconveniences.

Interesting facts about the 26rd week of pregnancy

You can start using the i pillows to support the tummy and relieve back pain and other minor ailments. Also use them at night to promote sleep.

If you are still working, you can begin to do the different practices to go to maternity

Video 26 week of pregnancy

Weeks of pregnancy

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