28 Twenty-eighth week of pregnancy

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Twenty-eighth week of pregnancy

You are officially in your third trimester of pregnancy, the next few weeks will be more tiring: you will gain more weight and the baby will complete its development. Rest as much as you can. Let's see what happens in the XNUMXth week of pregnancy.

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28 week of pregnancy, fetus weight

At the 28th week the weight of the fetus is on average 875 grams and is about 36 cm. At this stage of her pregnancy, her lungs are about to complete their development and her breathing movements are well coordinated!

How the child grows

His brain continues to grow. The baby sucks his thumb, drinks amniotic fluid, hears familiar sounds and reacts to stimuli. The baby now kicks vigorously and responds with a noticeable movement of the arms and legs when he is massaged through the abdominal wall. He has fully acquired all the reflexes that will be evident at birth: grabbing things, sucking, watching, moving.

I hair and the nails continue to grow and if it is a boy i testicles they descend into the scrotum starting from the 28th week of pregnancy.

He may have already got himself in the right position, upside down. At this stage of development the child is considered legally viable.

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Symptoms of the XNUMXth week of pregnancy

  • Your breath becomes short and you feel weaker than usual. This is normal because the baby burns his calories and demands energy from your body. Try to choose the right foods and follow your diet carefully.
  • Le legs they will feel heavier because blood flow to the heart is more difficult. An excellent remedy is to make jets of cold water on the ankles and to sleep with a pillow under the ankles.
  • You will sweat a lot more than normal. Drink a lot, to improve drainage and relieve leg swelling, as well as to prevent dehydration.

Mom's weight 

You may have put about nine pounds so far, but be careful not to overuse the wrong foods in the last few weeks. Eat lots fibers because swelling and constipation are frequent.

If you suffer from muscle cramps at night, take some magnesium.

Photo Ultrasound XNUMXth week of pregnancy


Ultrasound in pregnancy | PHOTO

Ultrasound in pregnancy | Examples of ultrasound scans during the 40 weeks of pregnancy

How the body changes

Il colostrum it may begin to ooze from the nipples. From now on, gynecological visits will increase in frequency. If you have blood with RH negative, they will test you to see if you have produced antibodies.

In these moments rest as much as possible and relax, perhaps leafing through furniture magazines and start designing the room of the baby.


Pregnancy images week by week | PHOTO

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28 week of pregnancy, curiosity

On average they put up about 9 kilos: all fall mainly on the hips and buttocks. 500 grams are for the placenta, 900 grams for the breast, about 1500 grams for the amniotic fluid, 1500 for the uterus, 1500 for the volume of blood and about 3 kilos for the weight of the baby.

Video XNUMXth week of pregnancy 

Weeks of pregnancy

If you want to know more about the others 40 weeks of pregnancy,  created a nine-month calendar with advice on health, nutrition and tests to be done during the 40 weeks. You will also be able to find out about the changes in the mother's body, how the baby bump grows and how the fetus develops.

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