3 Third week of pregnancy

Third week of pregnancy 

We are in the third of forty weeks of pregnancy: you may begin to feel the first symptoms. You are pregnant and you begin to feel that something is happening to your body, maybe you feel different, a little more tired than usual.

Symptoms of the third week of pregnancy

You may begin to feel early pregnancy symptoms, such as mood swings, fatigue, daytime sleepiness, breast tension, nausea in the morning.
They are mainly caused by hormonal changes in place in your body that serve to prevent the embryo from being expelled from the uterus.

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It is possible that they occur small blood loss: most likely these are normal losses, linked to theplant of the embryo. But if the losses become more abundant it is good to contact the gynecologist, especially if the lower abdominal pain: there may be an ongoing ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.
You may have a appetite fierce and feel the frequent need for urinary: it is completely normal because the body is slowly getting used to the big changes taking place.


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How the body changes in the third week of pregnancy 

Most women may not feel any changes in their bodies, not least because in the third week of pregnancy, conception has just occurred. You may have lost your appetite due to a bit of nausea and therefore you may have lost weight, or on the contrary you may feel a little swollen or have slightly gained weight because you are in the grip of incredible hunger.
In any case, take note of your weight so that you can follow how you will gain weight over the course of the nine months.
Il breast it may be a little sore and tense and may increase in size.
Keep one lifestyle as healthy as possible: the formation of the organs of the fetus takes place between the first and second month of pregnancy so relax and eat in a balanced way.

Third week of pregnancy, how does the baby grow?

Your embryo is between 14 and 21 days old. It evolves very quickly and doubles its volume every day. In the third week of pregnancy it appears as a small spot with a distinct head and tail. The nervous system, brain and marrow begin to develop. The two blood vessels are fused and contracted: the heart originates there and begins to beat very slowly (about 40 beats per minute).
In this phase, the formation of eyes and ears also begins and slowly they begin to become operative even if the embryo continues to feed on the substances present in the uterine lining.

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Curiosities about the third week of pregnancy

Your diet affects the development of the fetus. In fact, an unbalanced diet can also increase the risk of miscarriage or cause low baby weight and premature birth. Furthermore, some studies have confirmed that dieting during pregnancy also affects the baby's long-term health and increases his chances of suffering from obesity or hypertension.

Third week of pregnancy, what to do

After the positive pregnancy test, or in place of it, the exam that almost all women at the beginning of a pregnancy decide to do, or are prescribed by the gynecologist, is precisely the dosage of beta HCG  commonly called beta. If from blood tests, the value of this hormone increases daily, the pregnancy proceeds well and it is this hormone that determines the positivity of the pregnancy test.

Weeks of pregnancy

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