30 thirtieth week of pregnancy

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Thirtieth week of pregnancy

In this thirtieth week of pregnancy the baby could settle down in the position upside down, to prepare for childbirth. You are almost at the end of the seventh month of pregnancy and are about to entereighth month. The seventh month, in fact, ends at 30 weeks + 4 days.

How does the child grow?

The brain continues to develop intensively; the child yes moves a lot and these movements are clearly seen on the stomach, if he does not like the position you are in he will do everything to make you understand. In this period we are in the phase of medium prematurity and we have passed the extreme prematurity. If he were to be born now, his chances of survival are quite high.

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Fetus weight at week 30 

At the thirtieth week of gestation the baby is about 38 centimeters and weighs 1150 grams. The skin becomes more and more smooth, it is able to swallow and make movements typical of the sucking, important gestures that will prove useful once he comes into the world.

Symptoms of the thirtieth week of pregnancy

You begin to feel better, maybe you have less heartburn and you breathe better. Keep checking yours weight and pay attention to what you eat. You may immediately feel full and very bloated: eat light meals, smaller and more frequent, so it will be easier to digest. Continue to take care of your skin with regular application of anti-stretch mark creams and oils.

Ultrasound at 30 weeks of pregnancy (PHOTO)


Ultrasound in pregnancy | PHOTO

Ultrasound in pregnancy | Examples of ultrasound scans during the 40 weeks of pregnancy

How mom's body changes

You may begin to feel some called contraction Braxton - Hicks.
Let's see what it is: it is an isolated phenomenon and is caused by the progesterone which controls uterine contraction and prevents it from occurring early pregnancy. There must be no more than 5 in an hour. They can also be caused by the movement of the baby, who turns upside down towards the end of the pregnancy in order to prepare to go out in the right position.
If they are not a rare phenomenon but they begin to occur regularly, it is good to contact the gynecologist who will carry out a monitoring to make sure that the uterine cervix is well closed.

It is important to follow one healthy lifestyle and relaxed: stress and excessive fatigue can promote contractions. Finally, particular attention if the contraction is accompanied by hot flashes and tachycardia can be the sign of a risk of miscarriage.
In short, these preparatory contractions are not real contractions, they usually last 30 seconds and are not regular. They are transient and of no concern, but if they become regular do not hesitate to call your doctor.
Your doctor will likely prescribe the latter echography, that of the third trimester: the baby is big and you can't see everything in its entirety on the screen.
During this period, discuss with your doctor whether or not it is appropriate to go to leave of absence work, which may be required two months before the birth. Much depends on how you feel, how tired you are and how your pregnancy is progressing.
From the eighth month, you are entitled to 5 months of maternity leave (which double in the case of a twin birth). In the event that you have to give birth before the expected date, the days of maternity not taken before the birth are added to the 3 months allowed after the birth of the child.

Interesting facts about the 30rd week of pregnancy

Swelling of the face, hands and feet, excessive weight gain, edema, can be signs of preeclampsia, a condition that can occur during the third trimester of pregnancy and can have serious consequences on your baby's health. If you have these symptoms, consult your doctor.

What do you do to her in week XNUMX

If you are in favor of epidural anesthesia, you must inform yourself in time at the birth point you have chosen to give birth to and, if available, make arrangements with the obstetrics department, because to obtain it you will have to undergo an anesthetic examination.

Thirtieth week of pregnancy video

Weeks of pregnancy

If you want to know more about the others 40 weeks of pregnancy,  has created a nine-month calendar with advice on health, nutrition and tests to be done during the 40 weeks. You will also be able to find out about the changes in the mother's body, how the baby bump grows and how the fetus develops.

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