33 thirty-third week of pregnancy: what happens

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Thirty-third week of pregnancy

Pregnancy is about to enter its final stage and you may feel tired, take heart: maternity leave begins at the end of the 33rd week of pregnancy.

How the child grows

By the eighth month of pregnancy, the fetus now looks a lot like a chubby one doll less and less wrinkled. His brain matures as does his immune system. Only his respiratory system is not yet mature and if he were to be born now he should be placed in the incubator.

Swallow a lot amniotic fluid and consequently it does a lot pee-pee. He knows the flavors of foods through amniotic fluid so always pay close attention to what you eat.

The movements of the child

You will feel his movements more like hitting or kicking. It may have gotten too big to turn completely over in amniotic fluid.

Fetal weight at the XNUMXrd week of pregnancy

The fetus  measures 42cm and weighs about 1700 grams.

The baby will have almost taken the most common position, that is the cephalic position and will remain there until the moment of delivery.

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Symptoms of the 33 week of pregnancy

You often feel the need to urinary and it is completely normal. The baby is low and pressing against the bladder, if you feel a burning sensation while urinating, talk to your doctor as you may have a urinary infection.

During the nine months also the fever it can be a symptom of a urinary tract infection (especially in the case of pyelonephritis) to which the expectant mother is much more exposed.

In pregnant women the presence of these or other infections is investigated through a urine culture which allows you to identify the bacteria causing the disorder.

Ultrasound at 33 weeks of pregnancy (PHOTO)


Ultrasound in pregnancy | PHOTO

Ultrasound in pregnancy | Examples of ultrasound scans during the 40 weeks of pregnancy

Exams to do

There are no plans this week medical examination, take advantage of these days to decide how you want to give birth and talk to the father about the possibility of his presence in the delivery room. Does the idea reassure you or does it upset you? How does he feel about attending the birth? Talk about it sincerely and choose what suits you best.

You may be able to figure out where a baby's leg or knee is.

How mom's body changes

The breasts are heavy and swollen - wear a suitable bra, apply a moisturizer and take cold showers to tone the tissues. The size of theuterus continues to grow, currently contains about a liter of amniotic fluid.

Curiosity and advice

Find out about any bonuses and benefits offered to families that you may be entitled to in your region and ask the accountant about any tax relief. Remember that the Mom Tomorrow bonus is still active for this year.

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Weeks of pregnancy

If you want to know more about the others 40 weeks of pregnancy,  created a nine-month calendar with advice on health, nutrition and tests to be done during the 40 weeks. You will also be able to find out about the changes in the mother's body, how the baby bump grows and how the fetus develops.

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