34th week of pregnancy: how the baby grows and what happens

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34th week of pregnancy

You are at 34th week of pregnancy and the eighth month is drawing to a close. You are about to enter the last stage of your pregnancy and soon you will be able to hug your baby.

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How the child grows

All its organs are now mature except i lungs which secrete a special liquid to avoid lung collapse during the first breath she will take after birth. The baby is 43cm long and weighs about 1900 grams.

His face it is still wrinkled, but the skin is starting to feel smoother, pinker and softer. It has several hair on his head and reacts to light because his eyes see.

During the 34th week the baby does not have much left space to move, but the important thing is that you regularly feel some movements every day. It is now able to differentiate between day and night and is bathed in a reddish light when the sun's rays reach your belly.

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Symptoms of the 34th week of pregnancy

  • You may hear from yourself often breathless, it is quite normal because the baby grows day after day and presses on the stomach, lungs and digestive system.
  • Beware of swelling in the lower limbs mainly caused by the stagnation of liquids.
  • Some expectant mothers suffer from edema: water accumulates under the skin and the feet and legs swell. In this case, it is better to consult your doctor to be sure you do not suffer from pre-eclampsia or gestosis.
  • Fatigue is among the most frequent symptoms of the 34th week. It is due to the increasing weight of the belly and the difficulty of finding a comfortable position to sleep well during the night. 

Ultrasound at 34 weeks of pregnancy (PHOTO)

The ultrasound that is done around the 34th week is first of all to understand if the baby is still in a breech position or has already turned into a cephalic position, that is, with an extra head, ready to be born. In addition, the ultrasound shows any complications related to the amniotic fluid.


Ultrasound in pregnancy | PHOTO

Ultrasound in pregnancy | Examples of ultrasound scans during the 40 weeks of pregnancy

How mom's body changes 

  • Bevi lots of water, especially if you have gained several pounds. Drinking a lot also helps prevent fluid stagnation and water retention which can promote swelling in the feet and legs: wear socks and do not wear shoes and clothes that are too tight.
  • Il breast it is always very tense and the cervix becomes softer as we begin to prepare for the birth.
  • If you have the contractions be careful that they are not regular; having contractions is quite normal during this period because the uterus begins to prepare, the important thing is that they do not have a regular cadence.
  • Take advantage of this week to wrap up the final details before a baby arrives. Buy baby toiletries, hospital suitcase, layette etc ...
  • And take advantage for sleep as much as possible, as you may feel much more tired than usual.


It is not necessary to go to a pre-class course to relax, you can also do it at home.
Sit in your favorite chair, inhale and exhale deeply and clear your mind of negative thoughts, gradually relax the shoulders, neck, up to the hand, and then down to the feet, visualizing every single part of the body.

Video 34th week of pregnancy

Weeks of pregnancy

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