35 XNUMXth week of pregnancy

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Thirty-fifth Week of Pregnancy

In the thirty-fifth week you are ineighth month of pregnancy. If you are first pregnant, the fetus is likely to descend into the pelvic cavity as early as the 35th week, flipping his head into the cavity.

How the child grows 

The baby begins the descent towards the pelvis and positions himself correctly in the channels of childbirth. It is 46cm long and weighs approximately 2,140 pounds.

  • In these last weeks of pregnancy the number of brain cells increases with a very intense development; the weight of her head grows and at this point or very soon she should be turned down.
  • All its organs are now formed and it can breathe and digest on its own.

Thirty-fifth week of pregnancy, fetal movements

The fetus always tries to move a lot, but the space for him is very little and it is not uncommon for you to feel his kicks up high, even up to the chest.

Communicate a lot with your baby, with words, caresses, music. Choose the right foods because what you eat characterizes the taste of the amniotic fluid.
Il  amniotic fluid renews every three hours. The baby's intestines are filled with meconium, a greenish liquid produced by the secretion of the food glands combined with bile pigments, fluff and cells from the intestinal wall.

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35 week of pregnancy, contractions

You may start to feel small contractions, your stomach tightens, and the contractions last about 30 seconds. If they are regular they could be a sign that labor has begun. This week there is an increase in Braxton Hicks contractions, pre-birth contractions that usually start from the 20th week of pregnancy.
There is no reason not to have sexual intercourse with your partner even though according to some studies there are substances in the sperm that can promote the initiation of contractions. Maybe you could put into practice some sexual practices that are more suitable for the situation.

Belly lasts in the 35th week. Because?

Having the feeling of a hard belly is common in the last months of pregnancy and can lead to the prodrome of labor. If you feel this feeling at the end of the day, don't worry: lying down for an hour might be enough to feel better. If, on the other hand, the situation lasts longer and is accompanied by dark-colored blood loss a visit to the gynecologist is preferable. The belly hard in other cases could also be caused by constipation which often affects pregnant women especially in the last few weeks

XNUMXth week of pregnancy ultrasound 


Ultrasound in pregnancy | PHOTO

Ultrasound in pregnancy | Examples of ultrasound scans during the 40 weeks of pregnancy

During this week, check that you have everything you need for the baby's layette: 8 bodysuits, 8 pajamas, 2 or 3 sweaters, 3 pairs of socks, hat, gloves, blankets and sheets for the crib.

Symptoms 35 week of pregnancy

  • The ligaments and muscles that hold the joints relax and this can cause back pain. Sometimes the pain can go down in the buttocks and thigh: it is sciatica, a very common ailment in pregnant women.
  • You may suffer from heartburn and gastric reflux. Eat several times in small quantities, choose low-acid foods (milk, almonds, potatoes, eggs, whole grains), do not combine sugars, carbohydrates, proteins and fats together and avoid coffee, spices, tea, fatty foods, cabbage as much as possible. fried foods etc.
  • You may have occasional headaches, fainting and dizziness
  • Possible symptoms include mild swelling of the ankles, feet, hands and face
  • You may also experience breathing problems: shortness of breath due to the uterus pressing on the lungs
  • You may have more difficulty sleeping


  • Contrary to popular belief, even if you have a tattoo on your lower back (lower back) you can undergo an epidural.
  • Another curiosity we read about the famous book "What to expect when you expect"is that the distance measured in centimeters between the pubic bone and that of the uterus corresponds more or less to the number of weeks of pregnancy. So at 35 weeks your uterus should be about 35 cm from the pubic bone.

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Give birth in the XNUMXth week of pregnancy

What are the risks if a woman gives birth at 35 weeks of pregnancy? There really shouldn't be. The prematurity limit is set at 37 weeks of gestation. However, a small percentage of babies are usually born after 32 weeks. A newborn at 35 weeks could be born without any problems, furthermore, the dating of the pregnancy could be false with respect to the date of actual conception.

A baby who is born between 35 and 37 weeks of pregnancy is termed a late premature and not serious. Weight is an important fact to consider for a premature baby, therefore a 35-week-old baby weighing more than 1,5 kg should not present major problems. However, he will be monitored in the NICU.

Weeks of pregnancy

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