4 Fourth week of pregnancy

Fourth week of pregnancy

You are in the fourth week of pregnancy and the little embryo continues to grow and celebrates its first month in your body.
It's time to do the pregnancy test because by now the production of beta Hcg hormones is well underway and it will be the presence of these hormones that will give a positive test, coloring the streaks of pink.

Symptoms of the fourth week of pregnancy

The little ones disorders typical of the first weeks of pregnancy can vary a lot from woman to woman: drowsiness, salivation, breast tension, increased appetite, frequent urination may already be part of your daily life. Some smells or foods make you come there nausea and the nipple area, perhaps, has changed color, becoming darker.
You might have a great one fame, but from the first weeks of forty of pregnancy it is important not to eat for two, but to eat better. The ideal is to put on a kilo a month, but the right extra weight in pregnancy varies between 9 and 13 kilos depending on the physical constitution of the woman.

How the body changes in the fourth week of pregnancy

Your body is already doing what it can to protect the fetus: secretions vaginal they are more and more abundant and the vaginal pH changes to protect the uterus and vagina from infections.
The uterus is already slowly enlarging and softening.
You may have slight bleeding, to the point where you may think you are menstruating and that attempts to conceive have been in vain this month as well. Instead it could be one implantation loss, that is, from light hemorrhages caused by the implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall.

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However, if the losses become more abundant, it is good to contact the gynecologist, especially if the lower abdominal pain is also present: there may be an ectopic pregnancy in progress or a miscarriage.

Fourth week of pregnancy, as the baby grows

Measure approx 4 mm and its weight it has multiplied ten thousand times, at this point in the pregnancy it looks like a large spot floating in the amniotic cavity.
Arms, legs, and eyes begin to take shape, as do the digestive, pulmonary and spinal systems. In this fourth week, her heart can start beating very fast.
Fourth week is an important and sensitive time for your baby who is just now passing the stage embryogenesis, i.e. the formation of the embryo, at theorganogenesi, that is, to the formation of the actual organs.


From seed to pumpkin, how big is your baby

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Fourth week of pregnancy, the curiosities

Set up a meeting with the dentist. A tooth infection could affect the baby's development or increase the risk of premature birth. Start taking special care of oral hygiene right away.

Fourth week of pregnancy, what to do

A maternity test could give a definite result later this week. To perform the test, wait for the day when your period should arrive or, even better, the first day of delay and test your urine in the morning or after having been at least 4 hours without urinating, so that the amount of hcg is a lot. high.

The 40 weeks of pregnancy

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