5 benefits of meditation in pregnancy

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Meditation in pregnancy

For those who habitually practice meditation it is natural to continue even during pregnancy. But this very special and unique period can also be an opportunity to start meditating. Doctors continually invite us to listen to our body ... but how? And above all how to listen to our spirit? For many answers, the meditation is the answer, too pregnant.

What is meditation

Second Wikipedia , meditation is

a practice that is used to achieve greater mastery of the activities of the mind, so that it stops its usual background chatter and becomes absolutely still, peaceful. (...) It is therefore a practice aimed at self-realization

Over the years, several studies have shown that meditation is very effective in decreasing anxiety and stress, and therefore in improving health. Attention: meditation cannot in any way replace traditional medicine in treating diseases (including mental ones). But relaxation, concentration and thoughtlessness have such an effect for many people beneficial to be considered indispensable. Why not, then? I am at least 5 reasons to start.

  1. #Meditation in pregnancy: calm and positivity when they are more important than ever: the first and obvious advantage of meditation during pregnancy is the strong decrease in stress that unites, if not the greatest, a very large part of pregnant women. We are anxious for our baby, for fear that something will go wrong. Are distressed for the future: how will I reconcile everything? Will we make it economically? And as a couple? We are also often troubled by the idea of ​​labor. We all know as a strong state of anxiety during gestation can have negative effects on the baby we carry: stress hormones, if released for a long time, trigger a response that can have consequences that lead to premature birth. So, invest 5 or 10 minutes a day trying something new and absolutely harmless - and for free, which doesn't hurt!
  2. #Meditation promotes a healthier lifestyle: addictions to alcohol or smoking, "nervous hunger", the habit of drinking too much coffee or being tempted by junk food ... if you think about it, all habits are largely caused by stress. In pregnancy, throwing yourself on high-calorie and low-nutritional food can be an even stronger temptation, complicit in false myths such as the infamous "eating for two", cravings and ... anxiety, in fact. Meditation helps us not only to avoid these bad behaviors, but also, for example, to enjoy more of our meals, truly savoring the food and enjoying every bite to the full.
  3. #Sleep better during pregnancy thanks to meditation: many women suffer from insomnia during pregnancy: we cannot find the comfortable position because of the belly, we have to go to pee continuously and maybe we are woken up with a start by a good kick from our baby. Meditation is one of the commonly suggested remedies for those with sleep problems during pregnancy and beyond.
  4. #No the fear of losing control: among the most recognized benefits among those who practice meditation is the achievement of greater awareness e self control. Precisely that control we desperately fear of losing. For many women, the fear of childbirth lies not so much in physical pain, but in the fear of losing self-control. Meditation can help visualize yourself as prepared, positive, and in control. It keeps the negativity away and actually helps to avert the risk of a traumatic birth.
  5. #Meditation can also be about the child: many meditation techniques - such as meditation reflective - plan to to focus about something specific. Usually these are objects, but for a pregnant woman, there is nothing better than visualizing your baby in her belly, and connecting with him or her. We transmit our thoughts, our emotions to the little one, let's imagine hugging him. This way we will begin to create a fort bond that, thus, it will not have to be built from scratch or almost after the baby is born. Nothing prevents you, then, from also visualize childbirth, always in the name of positivity: imagine it as a non-traumatic event, during which you will be master of the situation and of your body, and finally you will be able to see your child in the face.
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How to start meditating

These 5 are the most common benefits experienced by women who started meditating during pregnancy. But where to start, if you have never done this before? First of all there are several testi valid on the subject, which will give you all the information you need to start meditating. Nothing is needed at all: just find at home or outside a quiet corner where we feel at ease. We have to sit in one convenient location, keeping your back straight, although many people prefer to meditate while walking or even lying in bed in the evening. The important thing is to have enough time available: at least one ten minutes, and the first few times it can be useful to have a mobile timer.

In addition to a text that teaches you the basics of meditation, a guided meditation cd or even a background of relaxing music. There are also several Whatsapp aimed at meditation for beginners and that will help you master the steps to follow and know the best positions to meditate. It goes without saying that cell phones, tablets and anything that can interrupt that brief moment of detachment from the outside world must be banned, and that it must necessarily be only for us, a constant every day, if we want to feel the benefits.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the corsi, organized in various cities, of meditation in pregnancy. In this case, in addition to the advantage of being followed by a professional, there is also that of getting in touch with other pregnant women with whom to exchange opinions and advice.

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