7 Seventh week of pregnancy

7 Seventh week of pregnancy
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Seventh week of pregnancy

The hormones beta hcg  they are at their maximum concentrations and can cause worsening of the nausea typical of pregnancy.
Hold on: it will pass soon!
Here's everything you need to know in the seventh week of pregnancy.

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What does it feel like in the seventh week of pregnancy

La fatigue it can be constant, you often feel like urinating and you happen to wake up at night to go to the bathroom.
Rest as soon as you get the chance e drink at least 1,5 liters of water per day.

Take care of your diet and be careful of the risk of toxoplasmosis: carefully cook the meat and wash the vegetables well, adding a little baking soda or with a food disinfectant.
The concentration of Beta Hcg hormones is at its highest and this can lead to increased morning sickness and vomiting.

Try never to be on an empty stomach, always keep some snacks in your bag and in the morning, before getting up, put a dry biscuit in your mouth. Keep a packet of crackers or dry biscuits right next to your bed so you can put something in your stomach even before you get up.

How does the body change? 

In the seventh week, the heart rate increases in a physiological way, therefore try not to tire yourself too much because you can immediately feel breathless.

The areola of the breasts begins to enlarge and darken.

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Seventh week of pregnancy, as the baby grows 

The embryo measures approximately 2,2 centimeters and weighs about 2 grams. This week begins the process of ossification of the skeleton, the neck and head are growing and are placed directly on the chest. To promote the formation of bones and skeleton, it is essential to pay maximum attention to lifestyle and diet.
The hands are folded over the belly and both hands and feet are less webbed.

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The optic nerve, cornea, lens and retina begin to form. Tooth buds develop. The stomach and intestines are two distinct organs, and the two lobes of the brain are symmetrical. Yup moves regularly for a week already even if its size is small and it does not feel in the belly.


The fetus in the nine months of pregnancy

Photos of the fetus during the nine months of pregnancy

Seventh week of pregnancy, the curiosities

Did you know that nausea can turn into a real disease called hyperemesis gravidarum? This disorder is rare, but it can cause nausea throughout pregnancy and should be treated with rehydrating infusions in the hospital.

Advice from the midwife for the seventh week of pregnancy

In case of heartburn you can follow some small precautions:

  • do not go to bed within two hours of meals,
  • drink little fluids during the meal,
  • avoid too sugary, carbonated or caffeinated drinks,
  • try to avoid bread and foods containing yeast.  

The 40 weeks of pregnancy

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