8 eighth week of pregnancy

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Eighth week of pregnancy

We entered theeighth week of pregnancy, at the end of the second month of gestation. From this moment on, the embryo will no longer be called that, but it is called fetus. Let's see everything that happens in the eighth week of pregnancy.

Symptoms of the eighth week of pregnancy

You can still suffer from hot flashes of heat and above all of nausea which at this point of pregnancy can be really unpleasant.
Rest as much as possible, eat light, frequent meals, and always keep something salty to munch on in your bag. You may even start to feel short of breath.
Tiredness and sleepiness may increase, but don't overdo it caffeine.
Take care of your diet, take vitamins and supplements prescribed by the doctor and folic acid which during pregnancy must be in a daily dose of at least 0,4 mg because the fetus uses the maternal reserves.
Folic acid deficiency in early pregnancy greatly increases the risk of fetal malformation, particularly neural tube defects (NTDs) associated with spina bifida or anencephaly.

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How the body changes in the eighth week of pregnancy

The fetus takes up more and more space and theuterus it visibly swells. Your internal organs begin to shift to adapt to the new situation.
The uterus begins to compress the bladder and you may feel the need to urinate more frequently.
The vagina and vulva appear soft. Breasts become heavy and grow, they feel tense, blood volume increases, heart and lungs have to work harder

Eighth week of pregnancy, as the baby grows 

In these first weeks of pregnancy the embryo has grown a lot. From a group of a few cells he is slowly transforming into a real, miniature child with all the organs needed to survive.
In the eighth week of pregnancy the embryo weighs about three grams, it is similar to a bean, and from the eighth week onwards it begins to take a shape more and more similar to the child to come: the nose and ears are more visible, the eyes and eyelids slowly distinguish themselves.


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His heart is beating fast, his stomach, liver and pancreas are emerging.
Le sex glands they are visible, even if his genitals are not yet in their position and it is not possible to see them.
From the eighth week onwards the embryo becomes fetus.

Eighth week of pregnancy, curiosity 

During the eighth week of pregnancy, to manage nausea that haunts you the secret is to eat as much as possible, trying never to be on an empty stomach.
The gastric juices and acids in an empty stomach contribute to nausea and heartburn as well.
In short, fasting worsens the situation. So make sure you always eat something in the morning before you get up and never go on an empty stomach
In addition, some remedies may prove useful, such as lemon juice or ginger.

Eighth week of pregnancy, what to do

Ask about or talk to your doctor about prenatal test. Decide which tests you want to perform. 

The first blood tests were done. In case of slight anemia increase the consumption of those foods that contain a lot of iron, for example, better, brown rice, beets (do not overdo it because it contains a lot of sugar), radishes; a squeeze of lemon on spinach and meat can be useful because it increases the assimilation of the iron contained.

The risk of miscarriage

Spontaneous abortion is a risk up to 13 weeks of gestation. Of the pregnancies judged to be in physiological evolution at the 8th settimana, only 3% goes towards abortion spontaneous, usually by the 16th settimana of gestation.

The 40 weeks of pregnancy

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