A massage for pregnant women

What are the fears of a woman in her first maternity leave? Deep, serious, strong, mild, sometimes trivial, but always important, the anxieties of pregnancy they include concerns of an aesthetic, psychological and finally, of course, physical nature.
Among these, the fear of finding oneself with a different body during and after pregnancy is very felt and legitimate; but also the small daily anxieties related to the sensations that the baby can receive inside the belly from external stimuli are absolutely normal: from certain perceptions, especially from habits, behaviors and unpleasant and negative episodes, the future sensitivity both physical and mental will depend of the little one.

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How to at least partially relieve all these thoughts? Now there is a healthy, natural and exciting remedy, to be tried by the beautician, to awaken the desire for femininity and natural beauty in all of us.
The Holistc Beauty Thay Yam, developed by RVB, is an experience of multisensory immersion in the beneficial properties of light, color, music and touch, amalgamated into a single enthralling and engaging event, which comes from ancient Tibetan wisdom.
Amma Deva instead it means "feminine energy" (which name is more fitting!) and is above all a massage, created as a support to the Holistic Beauty Thay Yam.
By relaxing the tissues, Amma Deva softens the mother's skin, preventing the blemishes caused by stretch marks.
But the combination between Amma Deva and Holistic Beauty Thay is not just an aesthetic treatment, albeit it acts in depth, but it is something more: it is an emotional and psychic connection between mother and child, is a way to pave the way for the mother-child relationship from the prenatal period and it is also the most beautiful way to restore the right balance between body and mind, both of the mother and of the child.


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In this therapy, the colors serve to restore the functions of the various organs, the scents stimulate the senses and together with the music help to bring the brain into a state of total relaxation; the massage, sweet and relaxing, then manages to transmit the main tactile sensation, concrete, full-bodied and warm, to complete the multisensory nature of the treatment.


The music diffused during this experience is described by Adele D'Angelo of the RVB, as: «accompanied by a background of ocean waves and by the sounds of crystal Chimes that help mother and child to establish a harmony with their own elements. The ability to listen to sounds is formed in the first weeks of gestation and is very important because the baby will memorize all the emotions experienced during this period ».
D'Angelo herself states that pregnant women should try this experience "because Amma Deva not only acts on an aesthetic level, but also within the psycho-emotional sphere, helping the mother to establish non-verbal communication with the child through emotions, thoughts and desires ". The Holistic Beauty Thay would therefore create a flow, an even more visceral bond between mother and child, making pregnancy full, complete and fearless.


For those who live their pregnancy with anguish (Read), but also for those who want to find an added value at the sweetest moment in a woman's life, Holistic Beauty Thay and Amma Deva can be valid answers. After all, massages, music and delicious perfumes can only be a valid help to rest the body and invigorate the mind, two indispensable actions to create beneficial effects on the prenatal existence of a child and on the pre and post partum condition of the mother. .
To try the experience, mothers can go to any RVB beauty center, where the staff is continuously updated by special courses.

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