A truly perfect diet for the nursing mom

At the preparto course they will certainly have told you: all that eat o begged it passes to your child the moment it is breastfeed. The same thing that happened with the umbilical cord and the amniotic fluid in pregnancy, do you remember? It is therefore necessary to equip yourself with one lactating diet that is almost perfect, although obviously tastes are very subjective, and that does not make the little one miss anything.

First thing: yours supply must be healthy e varies, based on foods fresh and natural, even better if biological, produced without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. It is ideal for you, to avoid nutritional deficiencies, but also for the quality of your XNUMX cups milk and health of your child.

This is not the right time to get started either diet. Are you happy, huh? Indeed, yours calorie requirement increases even more than in pregnancy, in relation to the needs and the growth of the newborn: the bigger it gets, the bigger it is needs and, consequently, yours too.

La lactating diet must include high quality fats, such asoil extra virgin olive oil or that which derives from oil seeds (linen, sesamo e sunflower). This rule should always be followed.

The trace elements and Vitamins found in vegetable well cooked, in Whole grains (rice, oats and millet), in wheat germ (rich in vitamin B ed E), in fruit and in vegetables fresh and in season (for example, carrots, filled with Vitamin A), in dried fruit.

Try to avoid exciting drinks (like coffee and tea), products with preservatives e dyes (go and see the most popular here), the alcohol. If you have to take any medications consult your doctor and obviously don't dare to smoke.

Probably, friends, grandmothers and aunts will be ready to overwhelm you with their "precious" advice and above all with the list of foods absolutely "off limits" while breastfeed. In fact, there are gods alimony that must be tried to see the child's reaction: garlic, artichokes, onion, cabbage, asparagus are some of them. Do a test: if after eating them the child refuses the breastfeeding or is there one colic after sucking, maybe you should give up for a couple of days, then try again to see if it was really their fault.

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