A whole new App to not forget the contraceptive pill

Anyone who chooses a oral contraceptive he knows: forget the contraceptive pill it's a nightmare! This is an event that can happen to anyone, even to the most precise and meticulous of you. Just one distraction, a day too hectic and full of commitments and the mess is soon combined. Sure, if we notice it for time the trouble can be recovered, but in general it would be better not to forget about it.

The idea of ​​a hormonal contraceptive is a lot dated and dates back to the beginning of the XNUMXs. Today it is estimated that they are 100 million women who have chosen the contraceptive pill as a contraceptive method. You know what the regione and the country where it is most used? There Sardegna.

Over time i products have changed, the pills have become more "read“, With less amount of hormones, but still effective. Yet there is always that fear, common to so many of us, to forget the contraceptive pill.

And so here is that in help of the many women who take it comes it smartphone (for now only the iPhone), with a App new new and designed just for those who use it. Is called "Pill“, Is offered for free from Pharma Mum el the country and will only become one of your best friends.

"Pill" in fact makes much more simple e safe the assumption of tablet daily. In the section "blister”For example you can mark the day when you start the new one package or compress already taken. You can also set theclockwise where you want to take yours contraceptive pill (You know, don't you, that it has to be the same every day?).

The "program ", Designed for Events, reminds you of the pills taken or the arrival of the cycle and you can also write down special situations, such as i symptoms area of premenstrual syndrome (like being lunatiche, you know? Your mate certainly yes!) Or if you have had relationships sexual. Across the "report“, Which is a quick guide, you can find a summary detailed of yours contraceptivesuch as when you started it or how many tablets you took.

La App it also gives you the possibility of personalize theclockwise notification, taking pills placebo, name of your blister and the message which reminds you to take the contraceptive pill! Do you still think you can forget it?

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