Ada name for girl: name day, meaning and diffusion

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To give is an ancient, traditional female name and in some ways with a classic and a little vintage flavor that is not very common, but which is always appreciated in our country. Let's find out who Saint Ada was, what is the current diffusion in the country and the curiosities about Ada name for baby girl.

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  • What is the meaning of the name Ada?
  • What is the meaning of the name Ada?
  • What is the spread of the name Ada?
  • When is the date of Ada's name day?
  • The story of Santa Ada
  • What are the variants of Ada?
  • How is Ada's character?
  • What zodiac sign is associated with the name Ada?
  • What is Ada's precious stone?
  • What color is associated with Ada?
  • What is Ada's lucky number?
  • What song should you dedicate to Ada?
  • Famous people named Ada

What is the meaning of the name Ada?

There are different the interpretations related to origins and meaning of the female name Ada:

  1. the first refers to the Hebrew term Adāh, which means "ornament", but also" the bella"and which was a shortened form of El adah, which meant" adorned by the Lord "
  2. the second interpretation refers to the term eadak, which means "to rejoice", therefore "allegra, thing".

There is also some source that believes that the name Ada is simply a hypocoristic of names of Germanic origin such as, for example, Adalgisa, Adalberta, Adele, Adelaide. In this case, to understand what the meaning is, we can refer to the first element of the name, that is athal, which means "noble".


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What is the spread of the name Ada?

We find the name Ada already in the Bible, in the Old Testament: this is the name, in fact, of one of the wives of Lamech and the wife of Esau, brother of Jacob. In el country, according to i ISTAT data related to the most common names, we are witnessing an increase in the number of girls who are given this name: in 1999 52 newborn girls were called Ada, while in 2022 there were 121.

When is the date of Ada's name day?

Ada celebrates the name day on 4th December when one remembers Saint Ada, nephew of Saint Engelbert, nun in Soissons and then abbess in Le Mans, who lived in the XNUMXth or XNUMXth century.

The story of Santa Ada

La history of Santa Ada it is still veiled in mystery today and some sources even doubt its existence and believe that it was not Ada but Adreilde. According to tradition, Ada lived in the sixth century and was a Benedictine abadess of the monastery of St. Mary in the suburbs of Le Mans, originally from Soissons, she moved to Le Mans at the invitation of Bishop Innocent, who died in 553.

What are the variants of Ada?

Ada is a name palindrome, perfect for those who love short names that perhaps go alongside a longer or more demanding surname. In other languages the name remains the same: therefore we find Ada both in English, French, German and Spanish. 

Il diminutive is Adina, while we find Ada also associated in compound nouns eat Adalisa or Adamaria.

How is Ada's character?

Always looking for a peaceful living environment, Ada stands out for her charming and nice personality: she is sociable and welcoming with everyone. Full of joie de vivre, Ada inspires admiration for his optimism and great communication skills. Behind this facade of constant good moodHowever, Ada hides her fear of making others feel sorry or disappointing them. She constantly needs reassurance and approval from those she loves. Furthermore, she is worried about her image of her: Ada loves to please and is often flirtatious.

Thanks to his kindness, generosity and dedication, embodies a perfect friend. Ada is also appreciated for her loyalty and sincerity and demonstrates great diplomacy in conflict resolution.

Ada exudes a special charm and seduces with her great femininity. She loves to dedicate herself to loved ones, she is committed to lasting and meaningful emotional relationships, she is loyal, patient, understanding.

What profession will Ada make? In any field she decides to work, Ada will stand out for her talents. She is hardworking, she has a strong professional conscience, she invests time, effort and energy in the tasks entrusted to her and she is very intuitive. You will love being a teacher, working in the medical or diplomatic field, but all professions that ask you to help and listen to others are also perfect.

What zodiac sign is associated with the name Ada?

Characterized by its elegance and harmony, Libra is the zodiac sign that most resembles Ada. Like her, the one born under the sign of Balance has an innate sense of beauty, loves to please, is sociable and understanding, and is committed to maintaining harmonious relationships. She is a bright, combative, attractive personality.

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What is Ada's precious stone?

Ada's precious stone is the lapislazzulo: represents his nice and affectionate personality and stimulates mediation, his sense of balance and diplomacy.

What color is associated with Ada?

Il pink and blue they are Ada's colors: pink symbolizes sweetness and delicacy, blue recalls Ada's ability to convey serenity and harmony around her.

What is Ada's lucky number?

Ada's lucky number is 2: symbol of his great sensitivity and favors his feelings of generosity, compassion and tenderness towards others. Also this number reinforces her conciliatory, kind and warm nature.

What song should you dedicate to Ada?

We chose "The song of love" by Achille Togliani, sung by soprano Ada Neri

Famous people named Ada

  • Ada Biagini, fencer and villager
  • Ada Boni, cook and village
  • Ada Buffulini, antifascist el paesena
  • Ada Cambridge, English writer and poet
  • Ada de Warenne, wife of Henry of Scots, Earl of Northumbria and Earl of Huntingdon
  • Ada Lovelace, English mathematician
  • Ada Negri, poet and writer and villager
  • Ada Maria Serra Zanetti, voice actor and actress from the village

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