After childbirth: what you need to go home

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What do you need after giving birth?

Here is a really essential list: what do you really need when returning home with your child?

For the return home, what do you think is important to have already without being reduced to hurry last minute purchases, so you can enjoy the first moments with your puppy without having to run around like crazy because every 5 minutes we realize that we are missing something? there what is needed after childbirth, when you come home with your baby.

In this article

  • Breastfeeding and hygiene
  • Clothing and linen
  • For mom and dad
  • Useful Tips

Breastfeeding and hygiene

  • breast pump  (if necessary)
  • tiracapezzoli or suction cup  (if necessary, in case of inverted nipples)
  • cream for the fissures (if necessary, in case of problems related to breastfeeding)
  • breast cleaning wipes (to be used first or if you are out of the case, otherwise the water will be fine)
  • breast pads
  • specific nursing bra
  • postpartum band especially if you come from a Caesarean section. If you have had a natural birth, they advise against it in almost all maternity wards, which are more favorable to the natural "readjustment" of the body.
  • At least one pacifier (you don't necessarily need one ... but it's better to have one ...)
  • At least one bottle (same as above, it can be used for herbal teas or to give your baby your expressed milk in case you are absent or cannot offer your breast for some reason)
  • bottle warmer, maybe with car charger
  • sterilizer or any method to sterilize, or you will sterilize by boiling water
  • physiological solution for the dressing of the umbilical stump
  • sterile gauze for the dressing of the umbilical stump
  • elastic band for dressing the umbilical stump
  • washable nappies or disposable
  • Bath products first months x body and hair
  • cotton buds for children
  • body cream or oil for the first months
  • paste with zinc oxide for the bottom
  • wet wipes for the change (to be used first or if you are out of the case, otherwise the soapy water will be fine)
  • hairbrush (many children are hairy immediately!)
  • smell after bath (it will not be essential but you want to put its first perfume ..)
  • rounded scissors (newborn nails are very long)
  • thermometer x baby
  • bath water temperature thermometer
  • physiological solution to clean the nose
  • blower to clean the nose
  • Small towels
  • baby scale (but use it once without getting paranoid).

The return home with the baby

Tips for returning home with the baby. Everything must be ready for the reception of the baby

Clothing and linen

  • Bodysuits and rompers and socks. A few from 0 to 1 month, for the rest from 0 to 3 months.
  • Socks because in the first months of life, babies tend to lose temperature from the extremities, feet and hands, and it is good, to prevent them from being hurt, to try to keep the feet warm, since the hands are more difficult
  • 20 Bibs (of these, in the first 9-10 months, there is never enough);
  • 1 pack of artificial milk in case the natural one does not arrive
  • If it's winter, bring a windbreaker or a padded jumpsuit for walks
  • mattress protector sheets for the cot
  • buy or hand-made the covers for the cradle or cot. Remember that the baby can feel wrapped in a warm wool or fleece blanket as safe and secure as when he was in his mother's womb
  • Il sleeping bag, which is used instead of blankets and allows the child to always stay warm despite the movements.

Remember to remove or cut the labels of clothes that could irritate the baby's skin (especially with regard to bodysuits, panties and intimate shirts), but first remember to take a look at the symbols for the washing in the case of particular fabrics.

How to wash baby's clothes

Of any garment or piece of linen, it is always better to wash it as soon as you have bought it with a delicate detergent made especially for babies (there are many on the market every day) then rinsing thoroughly with water to remove all traces of soap. Avoid thesoftener or also in this case use one formulated for children's clothing.

For mom and dad

  • L'Angel care: to sleep peacefully while hearing your baby's breath;
  • The bouncer, according to the parents, is one of the best purchases. It is used from birth up to more than a year;
  • Il pouch (Not everyone loves it, some love it. Alternatively, it can be replaced by the headband or dal mei tai)
  • Il nursing pillow
  • dishes ready in the freezer or made by us and frozen
  • a supply of long-life milk
  • a supply of chicken broth that favors the whipped milk
  • herbal teas with fennel or specific for milk whipping.
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Useful Tips

We close with some useful advice to live the first days at home with the baby as serenely as possible.

  • disconnect the phone or reduce the ringtone
  • turn down the volume of the doorbell if possible
  • kindly try to reduce the procession of visits from friends and relatives.
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