All the ways to find a smile again on NO days

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No days, advice for mothers

Tiredness and stress sometimes play bad tricks, leading us to amplify problems that are not really so serious, and in short to have some problems. definitely NO days. We all have our dark moments, the difference is whether or not to have "little spectators" 24 hours a day. And no, having our children around does not always help us find a good mood, indeed.

Sometimes we desperately want to be alone, to reflect on our concerns or talk about it with a loved one and trusted ... but we can't. We wouldn't want anyone to see us as nervous and intractable, instead children are clamoring for our attention. The more sensitive and / or smaller, then, absorb our nervousness like sponges and in turn become capricious and intractable.

At that point the measure is full and we find ourselves bursting violently, only to feel guilty and even more alone. In short, is the day "to be thrown away"? Of course not! There are many ways to regain your smile in no time at all, and even to reverse the situation.

  • Exit the room

Getting into uncontrolled anger is always counterproductive with children. In a perfect world, a mom should always stay calm, especially when it comes to educating. But we are also human, and in certain moments it is inevitable that the anger take over. Not only children can be VERY irritating even for those who gave birth to them, but, as we said, they often feel our nervousness and become unmanageable, precipitating the situation. The best thing in these cases is to take a step back, and when possible leave the room for a few minutes, just long enough to let off steam!

  • Analyze your feelings

Once we are alone, let's take a deep breath and look inside: what is ours due to moodiness? Are they really things so serious that they can take away our smile? And our children have something to do with it? Forcing ourselves to think clearly and rationally is one of the best secret weapons for find your smile again even on dark days. Furthermore, it is a priceless teaching for children: always find the bright side of things and never break down.

  • Give yourself a break on Instagram or a fun blog

Sometimes, however, there is really something wrong, a reason that worries us and that, like a woodworm, ruins the whole day. Children, instead of being a reason for joy and distraction, seem more to us challenging that never. Everything seems to us beyond our strength. Then maybe what we really need is completely disconnect the plug, even if only for a quarter of an hour. Take a ride on the Instagram page of that comedian who makes you die of laughing, or catch up with the posts of a blog that always makes you smile or, vice versa, that involves you and makes you think with motivational arguments. Works!

  • Send a message to a friend

Lo sfogo it's another liberating way to find your smile again. With children around it is not always possible to make a long phone call as it used to be, but we mothers know how to settle for a voice message on Whatsapp ;-) In case of crisis, the message can also be a request for help. We ask a trusted friend or our mother to come and keep us company, or to keep the children for half an hour while we take a breath of fresh air or take a run in the park.

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  • Watch old photos or videos

Nothing fires up our maternal instincts as much as it does look at old photos and video. Scrolling through ours cell phone gallery, it will seem like we are leafing through the pages of a wonderful fairy tale made up of magical moments even in their simplicity: but it is about our life. It's a gesture to keep in mind, because it helps a lot to put things back in perspective.

  • Forget about duties for a day

Our NO day is not the right time to decide to tidy up the pile of bills in the hall, try our hand at the preparation of a complicated menu never made before, establish that it is absolutely necessary to clean and polish the bathroom tiles. Indeed, the day NO is the right one to take a vacation from our duties, from the thousand tasks that breathe on our neck every second of the day. Nothing will happen if, for one day of our life, we "just" go to work and manage the kids, ignoring everything else and maybe ordering a pizza for dinner. Indeed, perhaps it will happen that the NO day will turn into a YES day.

  • Dancing with children

At that point, leaving aside the dinner, the phone call to the accountant and the one to the mother-in-law, the clothes to be collected and all the rest, let's put some good music and we improvise a dance floor in the living room. Dancing and singing with the children, letting ourselves be carried away by the notes of a song we love, will be fantastic and will make us forget our paturnias!

  • Cook your own favorite dish

The only "duties" we have to fulfill today are those that make us feel good. For example, when the evening arrives, let's put a DVD of cartoons for the children and dedicate ourselves to the preparation of our favorite dish, in spite of the calories and the tyrant time. Anything that can "pamper" us is welcome: on the other hand, everything that can tire us out or make us nervous is banned.

  • Plan something nice

As icing on the cake, let's drive out the Bad thoughts making plans. It doesn't have to be holidays in style or a weekend away: anything that makes us happy and full of anticipation is fine, which can also be taking the car and having a snack in the new ice cream parlor just opened, even if it is far from home. out of the way. Deciding to go to an exhibition at a museum, perhaps taking the train if it is in another city. Spend the afternoon in a playroom. The ideas are many and, in addition to distract us from bad thoughts, they will also drive away the nervousness.

And what do you do to find your smile on bad days?

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