Alphabet of precautions in pregnancy

Precautions in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a state called paraphysiological, that is, a condition that involves some changes but cannot be considered a disease. However, there are some precautions that can allow you to live it with serenity, avoiding unnecessary risks.So let's see some things to pay attention to.

  • A for power supply

during pregnancy there are no basically forbidden foods (except for the precautions in case you have not had toxoplasmosis. But it is important not to overdo it, to maintain a varied diet and with seasonal foods if possible. This will help not only to feel good, but also to prevent excessive weight gain, the main cause of the development of gestational diabetes and the child's predisposition to develop this pathology in the future.

  • B as alcoholic beverages

it often happens to think that evenings with friends in which to have a beer or a glass of wine are to be abandoned during pregnancy. If it happens once a month and in extreme moderation to drink a drop of wine or beer, nothing happens to the child. On the other hand, spirits are absolutely forbidden. The reason is simple, alcohol cannot be metabolized by the child because it is not capable of it, therefore it immediately reaches the brain and here it can cause even very serious damage.

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  • C like falls

especially at the end of pregnancy, it is necessary to pay close attention to falls. The baby in the belly is very big and the amniotic fluid (which has an impact protection function) begins to decrease, thus exposing the child to trauma. So it's important to always pay attention to where you walk, how you sit and, especially, getting out of the shower, tub or pool with wet feet so you don't slip.

  • D for Teeth

As far as classic dental checks are concerned, there are no problems in pregnancy. If, on the other hand, major interventions are planned, with the use of massive doses of anesthesia and repeated radiographs it would be better to schedule them before pregnancy. Anesthesia and one-off x-rays are not dangerous, but always notify your dentist of the state of pregnancy.

  • F for Medicines

it is very important that you pay attention to the medications taken during pregnancy. It is also true that we must not underestimate the pathologies and think of not being treated just because you are pregnant. As always the middle zone is the correct one, and the right thing to do is contact your doctor who will be able to prescribe medications suitable for pregnancy.

  • I like insomnia

In pregnancy, sleep is essential. Because during sleep the metabolism calms down and you can focus on training and nurturing the baby. It would be recommended sleep at night at least 8 hours and, if possible, even a little afternoon nap. I recommend that you listen to your body, because it knows when it needs rest and it is necessary to give it to it. As for the sleeping position, being prone is not forbidden but there will come a time when you will be uncomfortable, and from that moment on you will have to avoid it. Experiment with different positions and you will find the most comfortable one.


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  • L like work

Today many women stay at work until the last possible second and, given the economic period, this is perfectly understandable. As far as I'm concerned there are no contraindications unless you do very heavy work, make you stand on your feet non-stop for several hours, or make you overly nervous. In fact, I remind you that tiredness and nervousness produce the stress hormone, which in turn causes the contractions, absolutely to be avoided if the date of delivery is still far away.

  • P like housekeeping

Each of us wants to have a house that is always clean and tidy, a refrigerator full, and clothes washed and ironed. In pregnancy, however, you need to be a little cautious. It is good to continue doing housework if you feel well, but be careful take 10-minute breaks every 30-40 minutes in order to allow the body to rest and recharge its energy. On the other hand, it is not recommended to stretch for long hours on your feet, because you get tired but also because the liquids that accumulate in your legs risk making them swell. As far as shopping is concerned, avoid carrying very heavy bags alone, the muscles are very soft and, in some cases (for example the abdominals) even moved from their normal location, so the risk of tearing is always very high.

  • S like intense sports

lo sport is not prohibited in pregnancy, indeed, moderate physical activity is only good for you. It is preferable not to practice sports that involve a risk of falls such as skiing and horse riding. Even team or individual sports where there is an important physical contact that can cause trauma (such as karate, martial arts in general and basketball for example) should be avoided. Instead, opt for gentle sports such as gymnastics, swimming and all individual activities that do not have too intense a workload.

  • T like hair dyes

It is not true that all hair dyes are dangerous, you can go to your hairdresser and ask that whatever product you use on your hair be free of ammonia and formaldehyde. These two components are toxic to both the adult individual and the developing fetus. Therefore, if you are not sure that you can have similar products, avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. The desire to change is sometimes satisfied even with a nice haircut.

  • V like air flights

scientific studies show that it is not dangerous for pregnant women make occasional trips by plane. However, some companies beyond a certain date (which usually coincides with the last two months) do not allow you to embark for safety reasons relating to the time of delivery, a sort of precaution to avoid attending a birth in flight. Very long journeys to term of pregnancy are not recommended because sitting for many hours leads to a stasis of fluids and blood which, in some cases, causes venous thrombosis and phlebitis. If you have to travel for long hours make sure you take a walk to the plane every 90 minutes or so.

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