Among the VIPs, many pink bows on the way

A truckload of pink bows is expected for this summer !!
Both in our country and overseas it seems that the stork has indulged in bringing pink bundles to VIP couples.
In el town I am expecting Alessia Marcozzi and his partner Francesco Facchinetti: their love story, which began last summer, will be crowned by the arrival of a girl. For the showgirl this is the second child, after Tommaso, 10 years old, had by the footballer Simone Inzaghi.

A pink bow is also coming for the most VIP couple of the moment: Eros Ramazzotti and Marika Pellegrinelli. Coming out into the open in an interview with Vanity Fair, in which they spoke for the first time about their love story, the two are very happy and optimistic about the perfect success of this new extended family (Ramazzotti is already Aurora's father, born 15 years ago from his marriage with the our-Swiss showgirl Michelle Hunziker).


Pregnant VIPs and mothers in 2022

The photo gallery of pregnant VIPs who became mothers in 2022

They also officially revealed the arrival of a sissy

Massimiliano Rosolino and Natalia Titova

. The champion swimmer el village and the dancer, who met at the Dancing with the Stars pole, announced to the weekly Oggi that they will become parents of a princess. Will she dance or swim?

Also very happy

Juliana Moreira

, the very nice showgirl linked to Edoardo Stoppa, sent for the news Striscia, who declared to the microphone of Verissimo to wait for a girl.

She hopes it's a girl too

Adriana Volp

And. The beautiful presenter, married to the real estate developer Roberto Parli, has never hidden her strong desire for motherhood in recent years. Today she, finally expecting a baby, she raises and declares that she hopes that she is a girl.



about the baby's gender

Luisa Ranieri and Luca Zingaretti

. The

pregnancy proceeds

but the couple, who have always been reluctant to appear in the spotlight and share their personal stories with the media, does not yet decide on the sex of the unborn child.

Overseas, however, the

baby of the year

his name is Beckham.

Victoria and David Beckham

after well

three sons

they have fulfilled their dream and are about to have a sissy. The rumors about shopping sprees, princess dresses and the latest fashion items already purchased by the former Spice Girl are wasted. On the other hand, Victoria's best friend is called

Kate Holmes

. Little Suri's mother, who, at less than five years old, goes around in her shoes with heels,

with the pacifier in the mouth

and handbags worth thousands of dollars.

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