Annamaria name for girl, meaning, diffusion and variants

Annamaria name for girl, meaning, diffusion and variants
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Annamaria name

Annamaria is a female name that originates from the union of two very common and ancient names but which has become, over time, an autonomous and independent name. We discover in this guide the curiosities, the origin and the curiosities about Annamaria, name for girl.

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What is the origin of the name Annamaria?

Anna Maria consists of two names: Anna and Maria.

  • Anna: comes from the Hebrew word Channah which means "grace". Anna was Mary's mother, therefore Jesus' grandmother.
  • Maria: different hypotheses on the origin of the name of the mother of Jesus. The most accredited is that it derives from the Hebrew terms mari and yam and would mean "lady of the sea".
Annamaria name for girl, meaning, diffusion and variants

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What is the meaning of the name Annamaria?

The meaning of Anna Maria it can be: mistress, madam. But we can also refer to the meanings of the names Anna and Maria, therefore "pretty lady"

What is the diffusion of the name Annamaria?

Widespread in the twentieth century, Annamaria has been less popular for a few decades. According to the ISTAT data relative to the most common names, in 1999 Annamaria 305 girls were called and in 2022 the absolute value was only 117.

When is Annamaria's name day?

It is possible to celebrate the name day:

  • July 26, when Saint Anne is commemorated;
  • September 12, the day of the feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, or September 8, the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In reality there is also one beata Anne-Marie Javouhey, which is commemorated on 15 July.

There isn't one St. Annamaria.

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Annamaria or Anna Maria?

You can choose the name you prefer. Anna Maria, all attached, a single and unique name appears in the registry office, while Anna and Maria are two different names and in this sense the child will appear to have two names in the registry office.

How is Annamaria's character?

Annamaria has a character passionate, she is assertive and determined, not lacking in courage, strength, energy and fighting spirit. She is authoritarian, gifted with great magnetism and charisma.

She is sincere, direct, expansive, she can sometimes get carried away when she is angry or feeling limited. Annamaria is independent, sociable, sometimes frivolous, bubbly, curious. But at the same time she can become confused, uncompromising, fickle.

He sure hates the boredom and routine, she is full of energy and needs to discover new things, to move and to get out of line.

Annamaria loves being with others, giving vent to her desire to socialize, to confront, to be appreciated for her critical and acute mind and for her great communication skills.

She loves news, travel, change, is generous and does not despise the material side of life, also appreciating wealth and material goods.

What profession will Annamaria make? She will be attracted to the fields of finance, healthcare, commercial professions and those where her great communication skills can be used.

What zodiac sign is associated with the name Annamaria?

The zodiac sign that best represents Annamaria's personality is Aquarius. Those born under this sign are known for their innate and insatiable curiosity, for the need to always be on the move and discover new things.

What is Annamaria's precious stone?

Il ruby is the birthstone of Annamaria, called in ancient times "the stone of the Gods", it helps to ward off negativity, stress and emotional difficulties.

What color is associated with Annamaria?

Annamaria's color is Red: symbol of vital energy, both physical and mental.

What is Annamaria's lucky number?

Annamaria's number is 7: symbol of research, thirst for knowledge and new discoveries.

What song should you dedicate to Annamaria?

We have choosen Crickets Sing for Anamaria by Emma Bunton, contained in the album of the same name.

Famous people named Annamaria

  • Annamaria Bernardini De Pace, lawyer, publicist and essayist el paesena
  • Annamaria Chancellor, politician, prefect and civil servant
  • Annamaria Malipiero, actress and villager
  • Annamaria Testa, advertiser el paesena

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