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If there is one thing that we mothers care very much, it is to be sure that the growth of our children is always constant and harmonious. Certainly we are attentive to their well-being at 360 degrees, but for weight and height we have a kind of ... "special attention". To help you keep this data under control in a precise and accurate way, today in the Noi app you will find an extra tool: the percentile calculator. It is a very useful new service in collaboration with a partner who understands children: the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital. Another valuable contribution after that of the Montessori Foundation for the stages of development.

What is the percentile calculator 

Calculating percentiles is an effective way to know how a child is growing in terms of weight and height (head circumference is also measured for younger children). Thanks to a graph, the calculator expresses the trend of these two parameters over time. 

The child's age in months or years is indicated on the horizontal axis (abscissa) of a Cartesian plane, while on the vertical (ordinate) axis the weight expressed in kilos or the height or head circumference in centimeters. After identifying the age, you move vertically until you intersect the measure of interest. By combining all the points of the various surveys, the graph appears as a curve whose slope varies according to the growth of the child.

To represent the variations of these values, the percentiles are used which constitute a system of averages that allows us to understand if the growth has a regular trend or not. It is therefore understood that a single measurement does not give precise indications, but it is necessary to evaluate the temporal trend. 

The novelty in the Noi app

The percentile calculator is located in the brand new Kids section of the Noi app, a novelty that has recently been added and which allows you to continue using the application even after having given birth. In fact, we continue to grow and today remains by the side of every woman in every moment of her life: from fertility to pregnancy, up to postpartum. 

The Baby mode allows you to follow the growth of babies from 0 to 12 months. And this is exactly where the percentile calculation comes in. Think about comfort: you have the possibility to check your child's weight and height directly from your smartphone, without doing research on the internet or downloading other calculators. All in our app.

How to calculate percentiles in the Noi app

Let's see the basic steps to be able to use the percentile calculator in Noi. 

  • Update the app. This is the very first thing to do. Go to the App Store, Google Play o Huawei AppGallery and update.
  • If you have not already done so, create the profile of the child with all the main information: gender, name, date of birth, weight and height at birth.
  • Go to Tools. It is the second button you find on the main screen (it says Home, Tools, Community, Profile).  
  • Click on the Calculate the percentiles of your baby card. If you are not registered, the app will ask you to do so. You will see that it will take very little time. 
  • Add the baby's weight and height. At this point the calculator creates your graph.

How to read the percentile graph

The percentile chart indicates your little one's growth curve. In the center you see a red line, which represents the 50th percentile which represents the mean. In practice, being at this percentile means that, in a hypothetical group of children equal to yours in age and gender, probably half will weigh more than him and the other half less. If a 2-year-old girl is at the 30th percentile for height, it is conceivable that 30 girls will be shorter, while 70 will be taller. 

As already mentioned, it is important that the graph is read over a longer period of time than a single measurement. In the app then you can enter when you want a new weight or a new height, for example if you measure them once a month. 

Also, remember that only the pediatrician can give a real judgment on the development of the baby because he knows him from birth, he knows how he feeds, how much he sleeps, what his habits are and so on. Trust him always and in any case. 

Keep your charts

In addition to always keeping it updated with the measurements over time, you can also download all the graphs, so that you have them at hand when you need them, for example if you want to show them to the pediatrician. By clicking on Download the chart, it is saved as an image in your phone's photo gallery. You can check your baby's growth whenever you want. 

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