Attraction: where does science originate? Super Quark + explains it to us

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Attraction: where it is born according to science

The science of love airs on Rai Play: from attraction to falling in love, from the choice of partner to the health of good sex, passing through the couple relationship, jealousy and betrayal, to end with what appears to be one of the great problems of our society, the lack of children. 10 episodes of Superquark + all dedicated to love from the point of view of science, to try to understand what happens to human beings when they establish a love relationship exclusively on Rai Play.

Through interviews to experts and the interventions by five scientific researchers-communicators, Piero Angela guides the audience to discover the different themes, piece by piece, to discover together with the spectators all the various facets of love from the point of view of science, mechanisms that are identical for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Each episode will also be embellished with 10 short cartoons by Bruno Bozzetto who will face sexuality with scientific rigor, but also with the usual irony.

It starts with theattraction, a sudden, often, unexpected event that follows mysterious dynamics for the heart, but not for science!

First episode: The attraction

What triggers that strange spark where a certain person hits us and not another? What makes us want to know her better and to be with her grow in us? A question of chemistry, but not only.

What are we impressed with on a first date?

Why does a certain person strike us and what are the aspects that trigger the spark in man and woman?

Il first date is a key moment: studies tell us that the red it is the color of seduction, that a good make-up can make the difference because it improves skin uniformity and symmetry of the face and that a man with a beard communicates sexual prowess, while a well-shaven man communicates stability. For both, theodor is a fundamental factor: a good perfume helps to spark the spark, but without exaggerating!

What are men and women looking for?

Women looking for a true relationship are oriented towards intelligence, creativity, social status and wallet (children cost!), They especially appreciate men who listen; while the man is struck by the woman's physicality, by her sexual characteristics and by her propensity to drink a glass of wine in her company.

Does the figure of the Alpha male conquer more?

The definition of Alpha person originates from the study of wolves in nature and refers to individuals who are at the top of the social hierarchy, capable of imposing power with aggression and intimidation (basically a bully), while Beta individuals are the weak and submissives who seek in a partner like him to find peace of mind.

But this is just a simplification of reality because human beings are much more complicated. Years of research have shown that strongly dominant partners can be considered sexually attractive, but what is seductive is the ability to assert themselves, certainly not aggression. So the classic Alfa man is even more fascinating if he is also easygoing and sensitive, characteristics typical of Beta people.

We look for our fellow men

In fact, if we look at nature we realize how often it is also used to define human behavior. Sexual characteristics are often defined by the size of the sexual organs.

And so we have, among the men, a hare, a bull or a stallion while, among the women, the doe, the mare and the elephant. It is evident, therefore, that a stallion and a doe could hardly feel attraction and get along well together.

But why do we like one face more than another?

It all starts with the brain. There symmetry of a face hits us a brain level because it indicates, on a subconscious level, good health and good genes, but it also affects the recognize the facial features typical of children: in practice we are looking for youth. Finally we define beautiful the faces that represent the average of all those met in life.

What happens when we meet a person who truly attracts us?

We feel vibrate something inside from the first moment and our behavior is no longer natural, we feel tense and something blocks us. The fault of these reactions lies with the brain which tends to make the rest of the body go haywire.

Love divided into 3 phases

According to scientists it can be divided into three stages: lust, attraction and attachment. Each of these phases is characterized by its own set of hormones.

In the first stage, chemicals such as dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. Hormones that make us feel euphoric, energetic, but also sleepless and make us lose our appetite.

  • Second Episode: Falling in love
  • Third episode: The choice of the partner
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