Babies, how to tell if breastfeeding is going well

Among the many doubts that grip the new mothers - so special if they are at their first experience - there are several fateful ones questions: wrong'nursing it will be well started? I will give to enough da eat to my baby? How do I know that his sucking è correct? As always, we try to give some response to to understand salt'nursing process good.

The first fundamental step is to be able to do attack so exact il neonate al breast. At the time of breastfeeding, lightly touch his lip lower col nipple: it's a expedient effective to activate the reflection di aperture area of mouth. When will it be well open (as if yawned), bring the child closer to breast: just the nipple will touch the palate, will begin to suck.

The system top to Inseparare to a child a suck consists in offering him exclusively il breast: like this, even if it is small, will understand that the nourishment and satiated is what it comes from mum. The use of Tetta Relle e pacifiers it could cause problems sucking and counter the good trend dell 'nursing. It is therefore important not to to propose to the little one instruments other than yours breast: mention it in hospital.

Know to judge how to suck a neonate it is important for to understand salt'nursing process good or if any is needed adjustment, for example try some position different from the one used so far.

Il child sucks correctly if it squeezes between gums not just the nipple, but also a good part ofareola. The language rests on gum lower and forms a kind of conca, which is sometimes glimpsed during the breastfeeding. The movement undulatory and rhythmic of the language massage theareola and nipple, stimulating theemission di XNUMX cups milk and emptying of breast.

that's how evaluate if the child sucks in a manner effective, if you eat a enough (read HERE the other ways to verify it) and then for to understand salt'nursing process good:

  • la mouth è wide open, lips are prosthesis, nose e chin I am at contact with breast or touch it: in this way, the neonate fails to prendere in mouth a sufficient portion of breast;
  • sucks in lungo and continuation and you can clearly hear that swallows;
  • during the feeding yes relax e loosen i punches: when it leaves the nipple, the mouth è humid and sometimes the language is still leaning on the gum inferior;
  • you feel a strong suck not painful;
  • during the'nursing you sete, you feel relax or even sleepy;
  • in the first days after the delivery, when you are breastfeeding, you may experience some contractions uterine and a increase of the losses (lochiazioni);
  • il XNUMX cups milk starts to drip also on the other breast: it is excellent segno because it means that you have a lot XNUMX cups milk. On the contrary, however, if this does not occur, you don't have to worry: The fact that on the other breast do not go out liquid doesn't mean yours son does not receive enough nourishment;
  • after breastfeeding breast from which the little one has sucked it is significantly more soft, the nipple stretched, but not deformed;
  • especially in the former giorni after the start ofnursing, many women try one feeling di nuisance o pain during the sucking or at the reflection di emission of milk: generally it is a malaise that disappears quickly. If it should persist you ask advice al medical health insurance or to someone experienced in nursingsuch us midwives or groups di support.
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