Babies in the pool, yes or no? When, how and where to take them

THEwater, considered by medicine Chinese "The root, area of "vita"", As well as being an element fundamental for every being living, can turn into place more natural in which to do play way their child: the Swimmingpool. THE nine months lived inside the amniotic fluid represent for i Infants a memory of protection, a condition of normality; likewise carry the Infants in Swimmingpool it can become a dimension funny where not only the bimbo but also i Parents they live moments joyful of Relax.

In general, unless there are condizioni particular (and in which case it is good consult way their pediatrician), bring i Infants in Swimmingpool and experience "games"In water it is only an experience pleasant. Many to date structures offer spaces suitable for neonatal courses with vasche more small e temperature adequate (around 37%); facilities that usually accept i small starting from six months of life or in any case after the first ones vaccinations.

THEobiettivo on the ropes corsi it is certainly not what to teach style Olympic: L 'water it will rather serve the development motor, skeletal e respiratory of neonate who will learn a to float just because yes fun. This does not exclude that, in the time, will appreciate the item water more and more and will know "move" with the help of lifebuoys or even alone.

Not all children but they love thewater as well as not all Parents they think about Swimmingpool as a place pleasant e motivating. It may happen, for example, that some Infants are intimidated dai sounds of a environment not known and do not feel on their own ease: in this case it is not necessary force me i times. Some studies international, for example, recommend waiting for theyear of age of the children for avoid possible risks health related to presence products disinfectants and / or di chlorine in 'water.

This opens up a reflection on 'importance dell 'hygiene which affects all frequenters of the swimming pools: the cleaning of the local in which i corsi di swimming and aquaticity it is a double condition essential in choice of a "good" structure. The advice is therefore that of check in person there cleaning of ambienti preparazione andapproach of instructors and presence di box e changing tables negli locker rooms.

Regardless ofage of yours children, if you decide to bring the Infants in Swimmingpool in fact, it is necessary to have comfortable spaces to dry them e dry yourself with care, avoiding i ailments di season, the sudden changes di temperature and the moments of stress in case you have made a choice naive.

THEequipment technique for the "swimming" consists of: bathrobe, Costumes, headset, slippers is preferably used for mum and / or the Pope; Costumes suitable for the retention di pee-pee (and not only), bathrobe, Shower shampoo delicate, diapers, for an cultural, extra for most small; snacks for all: after the Swimmingpool you always have fame e sete!

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