Babies in the sun, the golden rules for the little ones

Thesummer. Period of sea e mountain, of ferie e weekend toair open. But above all of Sun. a amico e ally of the Infants, which stimulates the production di vitamin D and reinforcement of the bones, but which must also be "domesticated"To prevent it from procuring damage to the little ones wads pink. Here are some rules to follow in order not to give up Infants al Sun but in safety.

For the little ones between 0 e 6 months it's important avoid theexposure direct to Sun. This means that during walks it is good to use sunscreen, caps e umbrellas and beach stay under theumbrella without forgetting always and in any case the protection solar suitable to the type of skin.

La skin of the Infants and small up to a year of life, in fact, is particularly susceptible, gentle e tilt to the dehydration. For this it is essential that the child stay the most possible under theumbrella that makes from shield (although not complete) and against i ray, both against the heat excessive days summer.

Secondly, to be with Infants al Sun need choose the times just to go to the sea or for one walk between Mountains. Then No. al total ban for Infants in beach, but Yup al gang of the ore stations area of day: to be avoided by 11 16 when i sunrays are perpendicular to the land and therefore more strong e pericolosi. Street frees it instead at early hours of morning and pomeriggio.

Dictate these simple but basic rules you get to choice area of protection solar for Infants al Sun. There are several types. Fundamental is the factor di protection: I'm from prefer factors between 25 e 50 or even the sun creams acting rejecting i ray harmful rather than absorbing them, that is, they contain oxides di minerals e organic filters and do not filter chemicals. These creme they are called "solar reflectors".

Other element important in case of Infants al Sun and the time di exposure. creme, even with factors di protection very high, they don't last the whole time day, both for the action of sweat,water and sand (and this clearly affects toddlers more great, which pass ore a wallow in sea and roll around on beach), both for the duration real of filter. It is good, therefore, applicare la the perfect At least one quarter of an hour before exposing yourself to the Sun, also in the areas blankets e renew the application every two hours.

Another one rule and the graduality. Scegliere to pass awhole day at sea alla cousin experience in beach with neonate it is absolutely from advise against. We must start with 5 10-minute e extend gradually duration area of stay al Sun, always strictly under theumbrella or parasol that you avoid theexposure directed to ray solar.

Also, it is good practice not to strip completely i Infants al Sun: Choose Abit light, of linen o cotton it is colored clear, which will also serve to keep distant le mosquitoes. For the tan real is still too much presto.

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