Babies, when is the right time to sit them down?

Who knows what the reason deep, but sometimes we moms we like a strange hurry to do to grow up Our puppies, burning up sometimes some tappe which would take more time. One of these, for example, is the fact of putting i seated babies un po' troppo presto. High chair e passeggino they are not a thing silly, but they go used when the little one is really soon.

Around third month, there are many moms starting to use the classic high chair or to put the neonate in place oblique, supported by pillows. In fact, it's still a while premature, according to the rule of not to impose to the little child one position that can not raggiungere o change alone.

Put it on sitting o oblique ahead of time brings the weight of body a to press on the part low area of back. The neonate will thus be obliged to bow and this prevents him from a movement extremely important for him: to fold le legs at will.

In short, theidea that the little one should be helped to hold on on back very precociously, In a bouncer or in passeggino with the backrest relieved and from debunk. Just as the false is to be dispelled myth which claims that the child of 4-5 months si bored to stay always lying down a belly in su: look at the sky or turned of those who look to yours baby cot it does not affect his at all development intellectual.

If you want to do something really Useful wait a while to put the Infants seated, but get them to stay in place as much as possible horizontal, lie down on a floor drive, but obviously covered by something soft. You want a example? Put one on the ground quilt washable or an old one down for the bed that you no longer use or make yourself give away one of many rugs for children, perhaps those with little ones games or parts that they play.

Put the little one sometimes a belly in down, with someone toys in front, so that little by little he strengthens his own muscles and you also learn to hold on to the forehead. Other times put it in place supine, so you can look at yourself about without the "limits"Imposed by the baby cot or from pram. This will be there basis di departure to explorations phenomenal, to begin with to roll, to crawl e to crawl. In practice for discover il world that surrounds it.

On the other hand it is though true that some infants have a early check area of musculature di back e neck and therefore they tend to stay seated soon. The first obiettivo is to hold the head straight, a goal that is generally reached towards the end of first quarter. The tone of the muscles of neck and trunk it goes away improving, up to involve the party low area of back, which will allow him before star sitting and then in piedi.

Always without limiting the hand and exaggerate, indulge the Infants to star seated if they have a natural propensity to do it (maybe it is also a help not to always keep them in braccio). But you always do caution that the vertebral column do not assume positions uncomfortable or unnatural, look a lot important to avoid trouble when they will be more great.

In any case, for the seated babies always choose products di quality: high chairs, bouncers e strollers they must be comply to the regulations in force (which are there and they go respect). Maybe donate a little bit of euro plus, but make sure they are secureergonomic and good quality, also from the point of view of "Fabrics used.

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