Baby bonus extended up to the child's 5 years?

Baby bonus up to 5 years

Il baby bonus, or Renzi birth bonus, currently has a duration of 36 months. It can be requested starting from the date of birth of the child (or from entering the family unit in case of adoption) up to 3 years of age. New mothers who meet the requirements to apply are entitled to a monthly allowance to be spent on basic necessities.

This contribution to support families with a low ISEE income was also confirmed for 2022, and there is the possibility with the new Stability Law that lasts 5 years.

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Who is entitled to the baby bonus?

The baby bonus is financial support for children born and adopted from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. The allowance is 80 euro monthly (960 annually). Families (EU citizens and non-EU citizens who have a regular residence permit) who have a valid Isee can apply for it. not exceeding 25 thousand euros. The bonus rises to 106 euros per month (1920 euros per year) for families with an ISEE within 7 thousand euros.

When should the application be submitted?

It is necessary to apply for the baby bonus within 3 months of the child's birth or arrival at home. If the application is submitted after the deadline, the grant will be paid from the date of request and no arrears will be received. For those who give birth to twins, the amount received must be multiplied by the number of children.

How and to whom to apply for the bonus?

You can send the application through the official website of the INPS from the Online Services section. It is important to have the pin code issued by the institute to access the site and complete the application. If you do not have a PIN, we recommend that you go to the INPS, the Caf or a Patronato or contact the toll-free number 803.164 from landline or 06.164.164 from mobile.

How to continue receiving the Bonus after the first year?

The Baby Bonus is paid for three years, but provided that the income situation is always the same. Then, every January, the beneficiaries of the Bonus need to update the ISEE to continue receiving the monthly allowance.

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