Baby health checks: which ones and when to do them

In the former years di "vita", In addition to visits not provided for since pediatrician, For fevers e ailments various, there are some fixed appointments to do the so-called balance sheets di health. They are gods controls periodicals that serve a evaluate, According to rents well-established, it development of the child, since it is neonate up to approx 3 years.

During each of these visits, the pediatrician checks some parameters area of growth of the little one (type height, weight, circumference cranial) and performs some investigations to Diagnostic early possible diseases. It can therefore to prescribe of insights by some specialists, Such as'otorhinolaryngologist,oculist, dermatologist, neuropsychiatrist infant,orthopedic, the psychologist and so on.

La visit clearly yes Assessment with information di education sanitary: vaccinations, prevention of accidents domestic, standards hygienic, supply etc.

On line general, we can say that i balance sheets di health are 6. Let's see them together.

Il first takes place during the first month of life. In addition to the classics parameters di growth, the doctor will analyze the colorful of the child (can reveal diseases of liver or the metabolism of sugar), Development neurological, the presence of wrists femoral, ie of pulsation heart togroin, with a simple one maneuver aimed at to exclude a disease rather would aortic coarctation (a shrinkage dell’aorta).

Il second of the 6 balance sheets di health is done around the third month and points to controllare le hearing abilities (also with test audiometric) and lo neurological development e behavioral. Some alarm bells identified by the pediatrician may be the shortage of tone muscular, the excessive stiffness persistence of the reflexes neonatal.

Plus, it's a lot important your story about habits behavioral, for example if not smiles never or if not vocalizes in response to mom. During this meeting theechography of the also, important for discover a possible one dislocation.

Appointment with the third budget di health around the 5-6 months. Obviously the doctor will check how each time weight, height e circumference cranial, but also the presence of some problems, as the cryptorchidism (i.e. the testicle believed inabdomen), Theipospadia (anomalies congenital in the development ofurethra) or angiomi cavernosi.

In this period attention particolare will be reserved for neuromotor growth e psychomotor. The pediatrician will check if the little one reaches the objects, at the manipulate, acknowledges i family, plays with them, grab with your fingers to "pin"Little things, explore theenvironment with the view,hearing, tatto. Part of the meeting will be dedicated to advice for the weaning, now near.

And towards the 10-12 months we come to fourth budget di health, which as usual includes the control of the parameters of growth. Plus yours doctor will check the mobility sectors of the child, ie the capacity di move alone, crawling o crawling or even putting himself in piedi and trying the former passivated, maybe held for the manina; and the manipulative skills (if it is able to prendere of the what's this between thumb and forefinger, of to examine objects, beat them between them, give them to a parent and take them back).

The vocalization because now the lallation (the child says some syllables like ma-ma-ma or la-la-la) or the very first ones passwords, generally mum o Pope; l 'hearing (for example if the child does turns when he feels he is named dai Parents, although not seeing them); there view, in relation to his behavior in front of little ones objects.

Il fifth of the six balance sheets di health do you towards i 24 months. They are registered height, weight e head circumference and reiterate or deepen the indicazioni on 'supply (with advice like avoid le beverages sugared, desserts, juices di fruit or propose alimony various natural), onuse of the drugs, on accidents inside and outside casa, on times of the Easter and sonno and so on.

To this age the theme of psychomotor development è fundamental because around the 2 years children should start socialize. It is also the time when the language of the child goes stimulated, for example with books.

Il sixth appointment with the pediatrician is expected towards i 36 months. In addition to parameters di growth, they check with particular caution i teeth (positions abnormal, caries, problems malocclusion e chewing), And genitals, legs and piedi,hearing and language view and psychomotor skills overall.

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