Baby hygiene, which products are really needed

Among the many preparations that are made for the arrival of a puppy in casa there are inevitably also those concerning thehygiene of neonate. In addition to doing it eat e sleep, the cuddle and protect it, it is very important that the small always be clean. But to do this it is not necessary to fill the house with dozens of packs di gel douche, shampoo e wipes. The things to keep on hand are poche e essential. that's how choose them.

let's begin from an aspect that, even if it appears to be, it is not at all discounted: for thehygiene of neonate should be preferred products which contain the amount less than additives chemists. You know how much it is gentle la skin of a child just nato? No? Well you will find out presto. Products is preferably used for care of body too aggressive (even if the YouTube's ADS, but click on them, on tv will swear the contrary) can trigger irritations or, in the most serious cases, real ones reactions allergic.

From here theimportance to always use small amount of product and only in cases really required: very often the very simple water è sufficient.

Let's take the cultural, of diaper: even if there is poop just water lukewarm and, at most, a pinch of soap delicate, always diluted e may put on skin directly. For example, those on thelabel report among the ingredients sodium lauryl o laureth sulphate, mentre sono ok those based on betaines, disodium lauroamphodiacetate, decylglucoside which are components much less aggressive.

For a matter of hygiene of neonate, choose a product liquid instead of bar of soap (even if maybe it's super natural such as soap di Marseille): there is no risk of passaggi of any germs.

Another thing Useful for the cultural, of diaper and the the perfect for the bottom reddened: one of those based on oxide di zinc Sara perfect. Use it only if need and put some poca: they have one consistency rather pasty, so if the little one has none need leave it alone. Check that among the ingredients they don't snack on things like petrolatum and paraffinum liquidum that they are derivatives from Petroleum. Green light also to calendula, which has properties soothing.

Chapter bath (we talked about it HERE). Both al supermarket in that pharmacy you will literally be overwhelmed From one amount awesome of packs for the 'hygiene of neonate is between gel douche e shampoo, it will almost turn you there forehead. But you must know that, even if they come introduce yourself like natural, suitable for most children and free of substances harmful, the products really "breasts" I'm very few. Better therefore to search solutions alternatives.

For example, the neonate be particularly scented after bathroom: the little ones already naturally emanate a odor marvelous! So to make the soft skin just add to the water a little oil di almonds, a tablespoon of starch di rice or a little bit of yours XNUMX cups milk (Yes, you read that correctly: XNUMX cups milk mother). Again, choose products pure, without preservatives o scents. Considered the amount di hair of a neonate, they will do just fine for it too shampoo: one specific is absolutely superfluous.

Still onhygiene of neonate, let's talk about wipes humidified: use them in situations of "emergency“, That is mostly outside the home when to have thewater available may be more complicated. These also go choices with care: nothing perfume, eg. You care that clean e stop.

Borotalco Yes or no? He was a must Until a few years ago: today it really isn't particularly amato dai pediatricians because it tends to close the microscopic ones pori area of skin of the Infants. So let's say that it is not among the products indispensabili.

One last thing. Our moms they often filled us with colony, a classic of the children born between the '60s and' 70s: be careful because it could irritate la skin. Better to leave lose and do it anyway intoxicating from perfume irresistible of ours children!

Please note:! In case of problems dermatological (e.g. the crust milky) it is always necessary to ask for a advice al pediatrician, which will also be able to indicate i products just for to deal la skin of your child. Do not do forehead yours!

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