Baby Moon: the second honeymoon before the baby arrives

The fashion of the second honeymoon before the baby arrives. For Americans, the "Honey Moon", better known to us as the "Honeymoon" or honeymoon, it turns into "babymoon", the Honeymoon to celebrate the arrival of a baby in the family, but above all to relax and recharge in view of a future life for three, struggling with diapers, baby food and sleepless nights.


The United States has by now accustomed us to discoveries and found original or strange, but in this case the idea has been accepted and appreciated all over the world, even in el country, to the point that many hoteliers are organizing to offer "Baby Moon" packages, weekends or weeks in which to dedicate yourself to regeneration of body and mind, removing stress, thoughts, worries and fears. Accompanying you will be alone pampering, massages, gymnastics in the water for her (Read), gym and other sports activities for him.

For the occasion, he was even born an Internet site where you can find useful tips for possible destinations available. Pianeta Mamma has prepared a list just for you, with the help of Gypsy, of destinations in the country and abroad for a "Baby Moon" perfect, in the name of absolute relaxation. Among the ideal destinations for a second Zen honeymoon, where to recharge the mind, heart and body and energize all the chakras we recommend travel-yoga (Read). India, Sri Lanka, ma anche in el country not to go too far. In Toscana in fact, at the Casale Del Sè Errante where full immersions are organized e Yoga seminars and excursions into the nature of the Argentario and the Orbetello lagoon.


For those who prefer hammam, saunas and spas (READ) he can find his happiness in Budapest, the spa capital par excellence, or in Tampere in Finland, but also in Ischia there are all the elements for one "Baby Moon" perfect. And in times of crisis like this Gypsy it also indicates the thermal baths where you will not spend a single cent. They will not be those of the Yellowstone National Park nor the Icelandic ones, but also in the country there is no shortage of natural pools in which the thermal water gushes hot, such as the thermal baths of Saturnia in Grosseto (Read). Also in the country if you want to move south there is the Alta Murgia National Park, while in the north 3 days in Lunigiana (READ) among the ancient flavors of the past.

From a medical point of view, it is advisable to choose locations that are not too far away and with not excessive altitudes; If you want to know more about the most suitable destinations during pregnancy, read our article: Summer holidays, where to go with the baby bump, but remember that a doctor's opinion is essential in these cases


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