Baby names, the worst trends of 2022

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When choosing the name for the baby we try to put mom and dad in agreement but also to associate them with an important and symbolic meaning for the family that is about to welcome them. Sometimes we opt for unisex, inclusive and original names; at other times the choice becomes more thematic, with the option of names for children linked to the holidays; or great women are chosen to give their names to incoming sissies. Other times, in a more evocative way, names inspired by colors are chosen. According to a trend analyzed by Parents, however, in 2022 there was also a boom in over the top names that allows us - in an ironic and light way - to rank the most original ... but in the negative. Between baby names, the worst trends of 2022 followed by many parents in the world are just these. 

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Baby names, the worst trends of 2022

2022 is about to end and it is possible to draw up a list of the worst trends for baby names of the last 365 days. Here are what they are, in the country and in the world.

Covid-inspired names

Is it possible that a parent chooses to name their child Lockdown, Corona and Covid in honor, so to speak, of the terrible year in which Covid-19 turned everything upside down? Yes, even Parents on its list of terrible names and trends this year that is about to end said that the names inspired by the pandemic have spread on a large scale. Indeed, according to experts, one of the most popular names of 2022 will be Anthony, in homage to Anthony Fauci, immunologist face of the pandemic in the USA. So in the country should we expect a boom for Giuseppe (Conte) and Roberto (Burioni or Speranza)?

I nomi with the K

Among female names also in the country, as in the rest of the world, names starting with a have spread K. Parents reports that names have exploded in the year that is about to end Khloe, that the landscaped becomes Chloe, but also KonnorKamdencadenceKassidy e Karson. In short, all names that were originally born with C and that have been transformed by changing the initial.

Names prohibited in the world

They are many and often forbidden by the registry offices because they are considered harmful to the dignity of the children who carry them, ridiculous and obviously bearers of consequences on their adult lives. In addition to the names linked to the pandemic in 2022 there were requests to call their child Nutella. A name that no, just can't be registered.

Names inspired by TV series and Game of Thrones

Even if the TV series Game of Thrones has ended, the passion for the saga created by George RR Martin remains high on the part of the parents. Who continue to choose Arya (from one of the protagonists of the HBO series) as a foreign female name, even in the country. The el paesena version is also very popular Aria, ranked among beautiful but uncommon female names.

Nomi side rinse ai brand

Chanel, Lexus and other brands are loved by some parents, so much so that, even in the country, they opt to renew this passion by giving their children their name.

The ugliest names for babies

In some cases it is quite subjective, in others, however, defining very particular male or female names, even ugly ones, is easier than you think. Some choices collected in years of Istat research (and similar around the world) show rather risky choices that never fade, even if they often follow the fashions of that year. Names like Britney Shakira Beyonce (unique name) PatronObamaniqua, Abstinence have really popped up on parents' bizarre request lists. And, often, they have not been accepted. Orgasm e Lucifer they are in the first place of the most absurd choices in terms of male names.

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