Baby room, how to organize it in the best way


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Certainly one of the most exciting preparations when expecting a baby is the organization of his room. Choosing the crib, the colors of the walls, the furniture and accessories that will be useful for the change, positioning the cot in the best way are some of the steps that make the preparation of the baby's room so exciting. Today we want to accompany you in this very special moment to begin to get ideas on how it could become the kingdom of your prince or your princess.

Room alone or with mom and dad?

In the first period after childbirth, most parents choose to keep the baby in their room, both for practical reasons (do you want the convenience of not having to move during the many nocturnal awakenings?) And for safety (the cot next to the just allows you to always take a quick look). So, a classic is the crib next to the bed so you can cater for the baby's needs at the first hint of crying.

However, there are couples who consciously decide to immediately organize a room for the newborn and to let him sleep there as soon as he returns home from the hospital. The main advantage is that of not having to “move” the child once he has grown up. From the point of view of autonomy, however, it changes little: sleeping in the same room as their parents (or even in their bed) does not affect the fact that, once they grow up, the little ones will be autonomous.

Very often the decision also depends on the space available: not everyone has enough and the little one in his bedroom solves - at least temporarily - the problem in houses that are not too big. What is certain is that, sooner or later, a solution will have to be found.

Baby room: general advice

The room intended for the little one should be spacious, bright, not in a passageway and possibly sheltered from outside noise. It is clear that this is a general consideration and that each house is unique. However, some tips may be useful:

  • The temperature must be constant: around 20 degrees.
  • In winter, use a humidifier: radiators make the air too dry, which can annoy the baby and make sleep worse, for example.
  • Better to avoid objects that attract dust: soft toys are beautiful, all of us mothers like them, but they can become the ideal "nest" for mites. The same goes for very large rugs, carpets, heavy curtains etc.
  • Avoid crowding the room with too many furniture or objects: especially when the child is very small he does not have great needs. So start with the essential things, then gradually add the rest.
  • Pay attention to materials: always prefer natural products, such as wood, and make sure that too aggressive paints are not used.

Baby's room: crib or cot?

This is the first "dilemma" to be faced. What to choose for our baby's sleep? Here, too, the decision is very personal. There are those who prefer to start from the cradle and those immediately from the bed, in order to face a single expense and already have everything you need. It also depends on the space you have at your disposal.

The first choice always has a very special charm: who among us has not imagined at least once their baby asleep in a wonderful cradle? There are many models, from the padded ones to the more classic ones with laces and a vague retro taste. Modern cribs can be placed on the floor in total safety or hung from the ceiling for a soft rocking. If, on the other hand, you are a lover of the traditional “basket” you could opt for a wicker cradle, perhaps gray to give a different touch and make it more special.

If, on the other hand, you are an advocate of the bed immediately on the market there are many models. The traditional one is with the side panel that is removed when the child grows, so as to let him go up and down autonomously when he is able to do it on his own. Many also have a very comfortable drawer underneath: considering the amount of children's clothes, having one more never hurts.

The choice of mattress is important: choose it of excellent quality to ensure the best rest for your baby and maximum comfort for the back. Those for children are generally anti-suffocation and made of natural materials. You can also buy an anti-mite mattress, which gives extra protection against allergies.

Accessories for cot or crib

First of all, it is always worth remembering that among the recommendations against "cot death" is not to cover children too much when they sleep: which certainly does not mean making them die of cold, but neither does it mean wrapping them up to the nose. A good solution is the sleeping bag, a very ingenious idea. It is a kind of large padded suit that completely envelops the baby leaving the head and arms out: in this way he does not risk being left uncovered in the bed moving during the night. A similar thing is the so-called "blanket apron". If, on the other hand, the solution does not convince you, you can choose the classic duvet.

If you have chosen the bed right away, what you need in the first few days is a reducer, a kind of soft "sausage" that welcomes the little one without making him feel "lost" in a bed that for the moment is still big for him. The cot must then be equipped with bumpers. Choose them not particularly bulky, just to avoid excessive "crowding" in the bed, which must contain just the minimum necessary to avoid dangers for the child (avoid soft toys, by the way).

Baby room and change 

A corner of the room must necessarily be organized for changing nappies and clothes. We do not recommend the changing table with built-in baby bath because it is a bit uncomfortable if it is far from the bathroom (mostly for filling and emptying the tub). Therefore, a normal changing table is better, possibly with shelves underneath or compartments where you can place useful objects: in this way you will not have to go away, leaving the child unattended (very dangerous).

Another good idea is the changing table that guarantees great comfort: drawers for clothes never seem to be enough for little ones, so it's better to have plenty of them. In this way you will have everything in order and at your fingertips. If, on the other hand, you have space problems, an alternative is the wall-mounted changing table. Comfortable and really space-saving. A hanger could also be useful to keep near the changing table where you can place clothes and so on at the time of changing.

Various accessories for the baby's room

There are many "options" that can be added to a baby's room to make it truly wonderful. An example? A “magic lantern” lamp to put on the bedside table. Turning it around projects beautiful colors and shapes on the walls that will help your little one sleep. The wooden base is available in three different colors (wood, white and light blue) to suit any style of room. And then of course there is the chandelier, an element that perfectly completes the whole environment.

To ensure a peaceful sleep you must equip yourself with a baby monitor, an object that offers great safety. The most modern have a camera with zoom and night vision to have the best vision. In addition, they are equipped with a sensor that detects the room temperature and a microphone and speaker to listen to the child and be able to talk to him even from another environment.

Games for the baby's room

As we said at the beginning, there is no need to crowd the room when the child is very small. But let's put some accessories to favor his game, even for the sake of buying something fun. A timeless classic is the mobile to put on the bed. Once it was the "bee house", now there are many different options, even if the animals that run around making music are always the most popular. Once no longer needed for the bed or crib, the game transforms into a portable stereo.

Another idea valid from about 3-4 months is the gym to be grounded. It is a soft padded rug that is also used by the little ones to slowly learn to crawl. The games that are attached to it are often of a sensorial type and stimulate the curiosity and growth of children. You don't need much space for the swing either. Do not think of that of the playground, but of a practical seat that swings the baby with various speeds and different melodies that will accompany him to sleep. Many are resealable, so they can be stored in a corner of the room or in a closet.

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