Baby shower games: throw a dream party

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Baby shower games: throw a dream party

Among the best moments of pregnancy, after the discovery, the ultrasound scans, the first football, there is certainly the baby shower! Now the party for the arrival of the new baby is organized by many future mothers, who take the opportunity to reunite with relatives and friends before birth and spend a joyful day together. Food, music, gifts, songs, games ...

There are many baby shower games that can be organized to have fun together, here are some examples!

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Organize the perfect baby shower

The baby shower has also arrived in the country for some years now and is usually organized by future mother a little before the expected date of delivery, between the eighth and the ninth month. For the occasion, the guests offer gifts to the unborn child, perhaps chosen from the birth list, while the future mother does everything for entertain those present. There are usually some decorations, perhaps inspired by a theme. Only in some cases is it all pink or all blue, but neutral colors are now preferred. To the party birth, then, you always eat a lot, those who can celebrate with champagne or sparkling wine and many times the baby's name is revealed. To make yours special b, you can organize gods games to entertain friends and relatives!

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The games to play at the baby shower

The theme is obviously related to birth, even if nothing prevents you from proposing others pastimes, such as card games, board games or tug of war (to be avoided for the expectant mother!). THE child themed games they are more unusual and fun, so here are some ideas to amaze your guests. 

Nappy change competition

No, no real children! To play the diaper race you will only need two dolls: have two friends challenge each other, both with or without children, to avoid disadvantages at the start. The first to position the diaper in the right way wins, but be careful: it must also be well fitted, otherwise you will lose!

What does it taste like?

Buy some ready meals, hide or remove the label and let them taste: the winner is whoever guesses the most! For strong stomachs only. 

Guess who?

When a baby is born many numbers can be useful: draw up a list of problems, for example "the child has a fever of 39" or "the child has to go to school" or "need a vaccine" and let the guests guess who to contact to solve the problem problem. 

Guess how much it costs

Avoid doing this with i gifts, but mark about twenty childcare items: stroller, headband, baby bottle, pacifier, bouncer, gym ... Then let the auction begin! Whoever guesses the price range or at least whoever comes close to it wins.

Find out who the gift is from

Instead of traditionally delivering gifts, guests might consider other options: bandage the expectant mother and try to guess, by touching the person, who it is, or open the gift without knowing who it is and try to guess who the sender is. 

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Other games to play at the birth party

I games there are many and you can invent them too. You can decorate bibs e customize leotard with fabric colors, you can write greeting cards for the baby's next birthdays, you can let the guests guess the size of the belly or make an estimate of the birth weight. In short, the ideas are numerous!

If you are organizing a baby shower for the arrival of a baby, also include gods games: it will be a special moment of sharing that will remain in your memories!

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