Baby sling, why it is useful and how to choose it

In the very first settimane di "vita" of neonate, contact corporeal between you is very important. You realize how there search and how yes cheers when you hold it in braccio? And who knows how many of you they sleep with the puppy "Squashed" on chest. Be wary of those who tell you that so the child will have all Vizi of world: the need di contact physical is vital for him, considering that he was in yours womb for 9 months. A way to guarantee it and the band baby carriers, more and more used From moms of all the world. Let's see yours benefits and advice to buy a good product.

When you hold in braccio il neonate, for sure you are waiting a bring it up in a manner correct, supporting the little head and back. One aspect a lot important especially for the very small that do not have the control of neck and forehead. When it is well positioned band It allows hold it in total comfort and without risks. With a advantage absolutely not packaging: have the hands free for do a lot of what's this: to cook, hurry up some affair domestic, to push un passeggino, go out or just make one call.

In addition to being a "mezzo di transportation" very Useful band is also a place area of sleep. The rocking area of mum and walking reconciles the sonno and makes fall asleep more easily the small, doing it too relax. The position erect is also effective to reduce i symptoms annoying of the reflux and band it also seems to have effects positive in case of colic because it does expel il gas from tummy.

La choice area of band (HERE you will find a type) it must not be done a the case, but following some criteria fundamental. For example, the back and forehead of neonate they must be well supported, legs spread apart e bottleMore straight but neither dangling back slightly bowed down. The body he must not "sag“, But be well a contact with that of whom port il child. choose a product which may guarantee you these features: it goes of the safety and health of yours son.

La band must be used by Primi days of "vita" and as long as the back see what It allows: there is no overdrive di age in which stop. Get started presto so the small will get used to it quickly and you will understand in which ones moments la band can serve you. The child may be brought on front, on the back or on side: find the position more comfortable, there are different. You will certainly find who can show it e teach you. THE Infants very small however they have need contact visual, Then meglio keep them front to you.

La band may be used smoothly also for breastfeed, always having the hands free. This applies to both models classical in fabric than for those with rings (see HERE an example). In business they exist as well bands with sling, calls Mei-tai (here they are). There lunghezza of the bands è variable: choose it also according to yours height and that of Pope.

So let's see i advice for the 'purchase:

  • è indispensable that the band baby carrier is excellent quality. bands they are made of cotton, I am extensible also diagonally (thanks to a particular technique di weaving) and become fixed securely.
  • better choose one band longer than 4 meters to carry out all the types di bandage and for to allow also al Pope di to carry comfortably bimbo.
  • il type with rings ha BORDI upholstered, one chiusura easily adjustable and you wear it in diagonal on shoulder. IS practical for those who are not used to it to lead to lungo the child in braccio and prefers to keep it on a side.
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