Bathing in the sea for newborns, at how many months can it be done?

Who has a bimbo very small or get ready to give birth during the period Summer, probably wondering: I can lead my puppy in beach? And, above all, to how many months you can do the bathroom al sea ai Infants? What are the risks and any precautions to take? Let's try to give some response.

But first a must Premise and just one refreshed to the the memory. THE children very small, Up to 6 months di age, I must never be exposed directly to Sun. If you have one scheduled holiday al sea, yes to beach in the morning a lot presto (by 10) and in the late pomeriggio (after 18), when the Sun beats of less. However, it is better to keep them under theumbrella (read HERE ours advice).

Il bathroom al sea ai Infants è recommended in very first months: up to 6 months is not the case with wet the little one completely and for reasons different. First of all for the temperature dell 'water. Even if it does a lot hot and you have the perception and the sea not particularly cold, For a neonate it may not be.

It undoubtedly is true that your little one is used to being "soaking“: Remained in yours baby bump to 40 settimane! The amniotic fluid but it has one temperature ideal for children in the womb maternal, certainly not comparable to that of sea!

But there is also a second reason. Even if you are in a angle di paradise, with waters crystal clear and "blue flag", The skin of a neonate è very delicate and saltiness or any substances pollutants they might irritate her, even reaching the dermatitis da contact, in particular cases sensibility. Furthermore, theingestion di salt water not really the best for a little one...

So that's why it's better in the beginning avoid il bathroom al sea ai babies. By 3 months onwards you could maybe try to immerse i feet and see that effect is yours child. Some there will retract to the speed of light, others might even be curious have a good time. If you notice that the reaction è negative (for example, the baby weeps), don't try again: it could be counterproductive for attempts subsequent.

By 6 months you can start the "approach"Towater. Prima to make a real bathroom al sea ai Infants, sit with them on the shore and make sure they can observe the small ones where and that slowly yes lifeguard, to understand what happens and what are the spray.

No immerse yourself never mindwater it's too much cold and make sure you stay where touch well, so avoid which may beer. And always keep it facing with the face towards you, so as to feel al sure.

When you are in water, don't forget to cover up la forehead of the little one with a bonnet (wet it il head not enough a protect it). Don't stay long at lungo and, if you notice impatience o nuisance from your child, not forced la hand, but outputs bywater: he must not get scared. After a bathroom in sea ai Infants it is always advisable rinse them with water Dolce e dry them immediately.

To favor the contact with l 'water, before a real one bathroom, always come on 6 months up (or in any case since the small manages to stay more or less sitting) you can bring in beach un dinghy or a swimming pool inflatable. Fill it with water (not much, I recommend) when you arrive at the sea and keep it under the Sun, so that it can warm up. It will be a good way to get caught confidence to the child with thewater.

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