Beautiful but uncommon female names, the complete guide

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Beautiful but uncommon female names

You are expecting a baby girl and you have probably been discussing for some time what name to give your princess. The choice of the name is a challenge that excites and sees the future parents busy: leafing through books on names, reading the curiosities and origins of favorite female names, fishing an ancient but beautiful name in the family tree, to succeed in the enterprise there are so many ways, and today we want to help you by making an overview of beautiful but uncommon female names.

How to choose the name for the baby on the way? You can take a look at the numerous guides we have prepared on the most beautiful names, and be careful to try to pronounce the first name followed by the surname aloud to ensure that there is a certain harmony of sound and good musicality. In any case, avoid bizarre or ridiculous names, and you can also orient yourself in your choice by reading the different meanings of the names, opting for a name with a auspicious meaning.


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Beautiful but uncommon female and male names

We are used to reading news about the most popular names in the country, but we rarely find out which ones are less popular names. Choosing an uncommon name is certainly an original choice: it is difficult for our son or daughter to find, in the classroom, for example, one of her namesake and her name will certainly remain imprinted.

To get an idea of ​​the less common names just go to the ISTAT site where there is an intuitive name calculator that gives us the ranking of the 50 most common names in the country: to find out which are the rarest ones, just scroll down to the bottom of the list.

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Beautiful but uncommon English girl names

If we are fascinated by the idea of ​​choosing a foreign name, we can draw on the Anglo-Saxon tradition. Here is a short list to be tempted by:

  • Winona: means "firstborn"
  • Kyla: means "victory"
  • Anouk: means "polar bear"
  • Arlene: with an uncertain meaning
  • Nigella: may have to say "cloud"

Little used names

At this point we would like to take a look at those names that were extremely popular in the seventies and that today are much less common.

  • Daniela: in 2022 the absolute value was only 159
  • Christian: very popular in the seventies, in 2022 it was chosen by only 16 new parents
  • Debora: this name too has suffered a collapse in popularity compared to a few decades ago and today its absolute value is only 56
  • Fabiana: in 1999 the absolute value was 563, while in 2022 it was 88
  • Fabrizia: this name so popular in the seventies is now particularly rare. Even the absolute value for 2022 is 8.
  • Monica: in 2022 the absolute value was 81

Vintage names

Un vintage name, perhaps inspired by the nineteenth or early twentieth century, it still exerts an extraordinary charm on future parents, and just think that names like Sofia or Emma, ​​with a decidedly vintage flavor, are at the top of the ranking of the most used female names in our country. But if we don't want to choose a too used name we can prefer names like:

  • Clara: Absolute value 536, therefore not very rare but still very popular at the beginning of the century and with an ancient flavor. It means "clear, bright"
  • Sibilla: with an absolute value of 22, it is a mythological name that means "manifestation of the divine will"
  • Luisa: with an absolute value of 165, it is a feminine form of the name Luigi, very common, and means "famous warrior"

Elegant female names

A list of uncommon and sophisticated female names:

  • Daphne: name of Greek origin means “laurel” and has an absolute value of 154, slightly increasing compared to a few years.
  • hilt: probably this name derives from the name of a Germanic aquatic spirit, Ilse, and is the protagonist of Wagner's drama "Lohengrin".  
  • Perla: it means "beauty"
  • Glenda: name of Celtic origins and means "well".

Biblical names

In 2022, always looking at ISTAT data; there has been an exploit of names inspired by biblical tradition, such as Rebecca or Rachel. Here, then, is a selection of uncommon biblical names:

  • Abigail: a name of Hebrew origin, it means: "God is joy"
  • Dalia: means "branch"
  • Ester: the name of the young Jewish woman who married Ahasuerus, king of Babylon.
  • Judith: the name given to exiled Jewish women.
  • Micol: of Hebrew origin it means: "Who is equal to God?"
  • Miriam: a biblical variant of the name Maria.

Female names for princesses

Princesses are always a great source of inspiration for choosing a name. Of course, even if we want to opt for an uncommon name, it is not the case to choose Snow White or Cinderella, but the choice is still quite wide. Among the Disney princesses we can choose:

  • Aurora: extremely popular in the country, it currently ranks third in the ranking of the most popular names in the country with an absolute value of 5862
  • Ariel: in Hebrew it means "gift of God". It is also a name of biblical tradition: in the Old Testament, in fact, it indicated the city of Jerusalem.

If, on the other hand, we want to look at the princesses in flesh and blood we can choose:

  • Diana;
  • Meghan;
  • Carolina;
  • Maria Antonietta.

Uncommon female names in 2022

It's time to look at names that seem to be trending lately, but are still pretty rare.

  • Nina: With an absolute value of 540 in 2022, it is one of the particular trending female names this year. In 1999 its absolute value was only 42.
  • Elettra: this name is more and more fashionable and in 2022 it was chosen by 190 new parents el paeseni
  • Proceedings: in the country it is very rare, with an absolute value in 2022 equal to 22. It is a French variant of the much more classic name Anna.
  • Zara: in Hebrew it means: "rise of the light", "dawn".

Short uncommon female names

We close with a list of short names that are not very common, which go well with a long surname:

  • Petra: this name has an absolute value, in 2022, of 107 and is experiencing a moment of great popularity in our country
  • Livia: name with a classic flavor, but extremely elegant, it has an absolute value of 302
  • Cloe: means “soft green grass, sprout, nascent seedling”, in the country the shape with the H, Chloe, is also particularly appreciated.
  • Deva: of Sanskrit origin, it means "divine woman
  • To give: it means "ornament" and has an absolute value in 2022 of 116
  • Lia: it means “active”, in the country its popularity is gradually growing compared to previous years, and has an absolute value of 165.

10 particular female names

  1. Zoe
  2. Laila
  3. Flora
  4. Asia
  5. Dorothy
  6. Joy
  7. Agnese
  8. Elis
  9. Flavia
  10. celeste
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