Being a mother: the first and unforgettable moments

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Unforgettable moments of being a mother

A baby has arrived and the house is colored with emotion, joy and love. And we have the camera always at hand to take dozens of photographs and for fix special moments in memory, those that absolutely must be remembered. The first and magical moments. Something special for every mom.

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And for the most nostalgic there is also the drawer of memories: un drawer or box in which every year, or in the most nostalgic cases every month, an object linked to an important moment in his life is kept. And when the day comes when you decide to open that box or that drawer, they resurface emotions, smiles, tears, and as in a film, the most beautiful scenes that we had forgotten to have lived pass before our eyes. Our drawers tell our story.

The first bath

The moment in which the first bath is taken is very exciting for parents and for the little one. It is generally recommended to wait until the umbilical stump has fallen out before bathing the baby at home. This is because the umbilical stump it has to dry out and by wetting it it takes longer before it falls out. Midwives in the hospital manage to bathe without getting the area around the navel wet, but for a first-time mom, it may not be that simple. But when it comes time for the first bath, you will certainly be ready ... even with a camera or video camera to capture this moment.

The first meeting with the little dog

For all couples who have a pet, the moment when the puppy meets the baby is crucial. Even with the little dogs you have to be careful, to avoid any jealousy of the newcomer. But with the right attention, the meeting between the child and the dog can certainly be special. And growing up together with the dog, our baby will be able to have a 4-legged friend who will never abandon him.

The first smile

Our baby's first smile can make us "melt". In front of a smile all the tiredness is forgotten. Even if the night does not make us sleep, even if the day always wants to be in our arms, even if we don't even have time to take a long and relaxing shower, a simple smile is enough to make us forget everything. They say that the first smiles, made with awareness, are not there before 2 months, but who has never seen a smile from their baby after a few weeks? It matters little if, for the experts, it is just an involuntary reflex, for the mother it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

His adoring gaze

As our baby looks at us, nobody looks at us. We are the first to watch babies with one adoring look and seeing that they reciprocate us is a unique emotion. After birth, the newborn still does not clearly see the world around him. It is as if he is shortsighted and can only see clearly to one distance of about 20/25 cm from his face. But this is enough, because it is the distance between his face and that of the mother who is breastfeeding him. So the newborn sees his mother well and her adoring gaze is really true.

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The favorite dress

Did you buy dozens and dozens of dresses before the birth? It happens (almost) to everyone! The problem is that they grow so fast that maybe we will only be able to put them on once or twice. But think how nice to be able to dress the little girl or boy with the dress that we have always dreamed of making him wear! And of course they will have a photo with each dress ... not to forget how small they were. And, especially if you have girls, hurry up to get your favorite dresses on, because when they are 2 years old, they will want to choose what to wear for themselves.

The walk with the little brother

A little brother or sister has arrived and it is a very delicate moment for our firstborn. For nine months you have feared the reaction of the eldest son, you have involved him in waiting and organizing the house to welcome the new born, yet you are not at all sure that everything will be for the best and that the eldest will be able to welcome the novelty. in the best way. So here it is first time you will see them sleeping next to each other, together, in harmony, or the first time that the eldest child kisses him spontaneously without you asking him, or the first time that the child pushes the stroller with his younger brother: these are unforgettable moments that you will try to fix with the camera.

The first family photo

A child arrives and the family grows. It's the right time to take the first photo together. For nine months we have been waiting for the baby to arrive, together with the father, with a thousand fears and a thousand doubts: what will our new life be like? How will this child enter our world? Will it unite us or will it alienate us? And in the end, in a moment the fears seem to melt when we are all together in an embrace of love and we take ours. first family photograph. Many decide to turn to a professional photographer for some unforgettable shots to print and hang on the wall or to keep in a scrapbook. The first photo together can be taken after a few months or on the occasion of a special event, such as baptism. In this way you will have a beautiful memory, which marks the beginning of a new life.

The first drive in the car

The first outing in the car actually comes when you get home from the hospital. And it's already exciting, because you can finally take your baby home. Carrycot or carrycot? How to transport the little one in the car? The important thing is that the child is carried in an approved car seat or carrycot, to ensure his safety in the car.

The first time he covers himself

In the early days, the baby does not move much by himself in the crib. He often stays in the position where we put him to sleep. But when he begins to turn around, cover himself up or uncover himself, every mom instantly understands that her little one is growing up. And the emotion rises. Babies should sleep on their stomachs for the first few months. Then comes the time when we find them sleeping on their stomachs and new mothers get scared and would like to stay awake to check on them. But rest assured: many pediatricians say that the moment a child can turn around on their own, there is no danger. And we can let them do it without worry.

His sleep

The baby sleeps and we are enchanted to observe his every little breath. Who has never done it in the first days at home? We manage to stay for hours next to his cradle looking at him without getting bored. Seeing this little baby sleeping and knowing that he is ours is one of the first emotions for a mother. A real miracle of life that has come true. And we don't want to lose sight of him even for a moment, even when he is asleep.

Hands touching

The baby was born recently. We hold it in our arms and caress it. He (or she) squeezes a finger with his whole little hand. A simple gesture that for us becomes the most beautiful moment since we became mothers. A gesture full of meaning for us and full of affection. In that movement is represented all the love that binds us to the child and all his trust in us. Our baby has become our whole world and we are his world. Emotions that are never forgotten and that they will regret when they grow up and may not want to show these gestures of affection so as not to seem small.

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