Being a single mother and raising a child alone

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Being a single mom tips

More and more women are raising a child alone after a separation or by their own choice. How to face this challenge? How is being a single mom and advice from the psychologist.

A mother who alone decides to give birth to her baby and raise him will have to face and fight many difficulties, first of all the sense of loneliness and also sense of inadequacy, a double responsibility and often, economic difficulties.


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More and more mothers are raising a child alone following a divorce, separation, death of a partner or the lack of a stable partner. The burden of double responsibility creates fear and guilt and is often associated with one economic difficulty. These are some of the obstacles a single mother faces every day.

Many women are afraid of not being able to rebuild a new life and end up underestimating the real possibilities of starting a new existence. Often single mothers due to multiple commitments and an excessive load of responsibility, they tend to isolate themselves and loneliness can lead to resentment and even anger.

For those women who separate and divorce the emotional investments made in marriage seem wasted and jealousy towards the ex-partner, who may have a peaceful life, free from family responsibilities, complicates the picture. Despondency and depression can arise and further complicate the situation. It is important to learn to face and not be frightened by these moods. A "vital" choice must be made and to counter or try to contain the onset of feelings that have a counterproductive effect on children.

It is advisable to invest one's energies in the present without constantly ruminating on the past. There is a way to live in a more peaceful way. A single mother is understandable that she goes through moments of great despair: her life is more complicated than the mother who has a partner because she is required to double the commitment and often the need to work outside the home is added. But you can learn to face difficulties with a constructive spirit.

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To do

First of all, it is good to try not to isolate yourself and to involve family, friends and other people in the organization of the day. Single moms shouldn't be afraid to tell loved ones about their moods or doubts. Speaking with friends, you will be able to share the weight of the choices you have to make every day. Being able to deal with someone relieves the burden of responsibility.

Another risk for single moms is becoming overprotective: especially if the children are small, there is a tendency to exaggerate in the care and attention, up to allowing them to sleep in the bed, running the risk of making them believe they have the right to an exclusive relationship. To grow in a balanced way, children need limits and parents who are aware of their importance. The important thing is to establish a few, but very clear ones.

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