Beta Hcg analysis, after how long can they be done?

Beta Hcg analysis, after how long can they be done?
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Beta hcg analysis after what can be done

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Beta HCG is a hormone produced by the mother's organism when a pregnancy occurs. These hormones are only produced in large quantities when a woman is expecting a baby. Both home pregnancy test and laboratory urine pregnancy test analyze i levels of beta-HCG, but after how long can Beta Hcg analyzes be performed?

How many days after intercourse can Beta hcg be done?

Le beta hcg they can be done after approx one week after intercourse during which conception took place. For clarity we must say that conception occurs within 24 hours of ovulation but the maternal organism begins to produce Beta hormones only after about seven days.

After taking the home test it is important to do a blood test at a specialized laboratory: the evaluation of the levels of Beta Hcg will serve to date the pregnancy in its early stages.

It is important to say that the pregnancy test it is declared positive when the beta hcg dosage is higher than 10 mU / ml. Since, in general, the blood test is done when menstruation does not occur, therefore at least 3-4 gestational weeks, the Beta value will be between 2160 and 82640.

The betas, then, increase more and more exponentially, doubling every 33-48 hours, and for this reason these hormones, called spy hormones, are analyzed in the first months of pregnancy to evaluate their correct trend.

At the end of the third month, beta Hcg levels settle down and no longer increase for the rest of the pregnancy.

How many days after intercourse can you take the pregnancy test?

As we said, the home pregnancy test can be done no earlier than one week after intercourse, and therefore conception. However, it is always advisable to wait at least for the cycle delay and then perform the test, to avoid an uncertain or unreliable result. It will be the presence of beta hormones that will define the pregnancy test as positive. On average, the test can be done after 10-12 days from conception and the presence of Beta is a symptom of certain pregnancy.

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How much do Beta HCG cost?

Il home pregnancy test that is done on the urine has variable costs: it ranges from about 8 € for simple strips, at 20 euros for a more advanced test that can also tell what week we are in.

In laboratory l'blood test for Beta Hcg it costs about 20 euro, It is important to contact your doctor when the home test gives a positive result because the specialist will direct us on what to do in the very early stages of pregnancy and which tests to schedule.

Can Hcg Betas Be Calculated Online?

To analyze the levels of Beta Hcg it is necessary to do a blood test, therefore it is impossible to do this online.

How are the weeks of pregnancy calculated?

The gynecologists calculate the duration of pregnancy starting from the date of the last menstruation because it will be difficult to calculate the exact day on which conception took place, which is why by convention the pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.

The weeks are calculated starting from the date of the last menstruation.

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