Birth wishes phrases, from poems to funny phrases

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Birth wishes phrases

The child was born, a grandson, the son of your best friend or just your frugoletto and you want to print tickets announcing the happy event by choosing some phrases of wishes for the birth original, witty or romantic, to give to friends and family, but also to share on social networks or on Whatsapp. Here are many tips for choosing the right words.

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Simple birthday wishes phrases

Simple words, which strike directly at the heart of new parents, to be written on a note or on Whatsapp.

  • Welcome Mario. You have the dearest mom and dad in the world next to you
  • When a child is born, a mother and a father are also born. Best wishes to you.
  • May your little one remain forever the truest, most beautiful and concrete image of your love
  • Nothing is more beautiful than a new life that blossoms!
  • From love a new life was born. From love it will draw the energy necessary to grow. With love, best wishes to you all.
  • May every moment of his life be filled with the same joy and tenderness of this moment.
  • A big welcome to the little one

Famous phrases for a birth

Many poets, writers, philosophers and thinkers have written magical and profound words on the mystery of birth. We can use some of these phrases for a greeting card to be personalized, then, with a wish signed by us. Or look for an original phrase for a tattoo to do on the occasion of the baby's birth.

  • Life is a flame that gradually burns out, but that catches fire every time a child is born - George Bernard Shaw
  • To be born is to receive a whole universe as a gift - Jostein Gaarder
  • Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which one faces a wonderful perspective. What happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything. - William Macneile Dixon
  • We have three things left of paradise: the stars, the flowers and the children - Dante Alighieri
  • The moment a child is born, the mother is born too. She has never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother never. A mother is something absolutely new - Osho
  • Children are bright riddles. - Daniel Pennac
  • A child can always teach an adult three things: 1. To be happy for no reason. 2. To always be busy with something. 3. To demand with all his strength what he desires-Paulo Coelho
  • The child calls his mother and asks: "Where did I come from? Where did you pick me up?". The mother listens, cries and smiles as she hugs her baby to her chest: "You were a desire within her heart-Rabindranath Tagore
  • A Child is a love that has become visible - Novalis

Nice phrases for the birth of a child

Do you want to write a witty greeting and maybe get a smile from the new parents? Here are some ideas, the important thing is to never be cynical or offensive, the transition from smiling to embarrassment can be very short.

  • Now your world is about to change: a baby will make your love stronger, your home happier, your days shorter, your nights longer, and your bank account empty. Best wishes!
  • A tip to mum and dad: the emotional development of children, at this age, is marked by three fundamental phases: they are about to cry, they are crying, they have just finished crying. Best wishes!
  • Greetings mom and dad, welcome to the sleepless club. We are with you, with love
  • You sighed for him, you invoked him, you desired him, well now he was born! We talk to you in a few months and then we'll talk about it
  • A Zen proverb says that in life you have to do three things: have a child, write a book, plant a tree. You only need two more, best wishes!
  • Welcome to the exclusive world of parents where there is: little to sleep, a lot to learn and a lot of love to give
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Poems for birth

We can find on the net, but above all in the library, many poems and writings that famous writers have written thinking about birth of a child, someone has dedicated a poem to their son (like Rudyard Kipling with the wonderful "If"). Here is a selection of the most famous and profound poems.

On the children of Kahlil Gibran

Your children are not your children,

they are the sons and daughters of life itself.

You bring them into the world,

but you don't create them.

I am close to you,

but I'm not your thing.

You can give them all your love,

but not your ideas.

You can give home to their body,

but not to their soul,

because their soul lives

in the house of the future

where you are not allowed to enter

not even with the dream.

You can try to look like them,

but don't want them to look like you,

because their life does not return

back and does not stop yesterday.

You are the bow that launches the children towards tomorrow.

Maternity of Tagore

Where did I come from? Where did you find me?

The child asked his mother.

And she wept and laughed at the same time and holding him to her chest she answered:

you were hiding in my heart my baby,

you were His desire.

You were in the dolls of my childhood,

in all my hopes,

in all my loves, in my life,

in my mother's life,

you lived.

The immortal Spirit who presides over our home

has rocked you in His bosom all the time,

and as I contemplate your face, the wave of mystery overwhelms me

because you who belong to everyone,

you have been given to me.

And for fear of you running away

I hold you tight in my heart.

What magic then entrusted the treasure

of the world in my thin arms?

Made me my mom's

Misinformed people

Or more liars than the devil

They say you were born

Under a cabbage leaf!

Others malicious instead

They argue without shame

That you came into the world

On board a stork!

If mom bought you

As some claim

Tell me: where is the shop

Where do children sell themselves?

Such news is


Your mom made you

And you must be happy!

The son of Pablo Neruda

Do you know where you come from?

... by the water in winter

she and I raised a fiery red

consuming our lips

kissing our soul,

throwing everything into the fire,

burning our lives.

So you came into the world.

But her to see me

and to see you someday

crossed the seas

and me to hug

its thin side

all the earth traveled,

with wars and mountains,

with arenas and thorns.

So you came into the world.

You come from so many places,

from water and land,

from fire and snow,

from so far you walk

towards the two of us,

from the love that has chained us,

that we want to know

how are you, what do you tell us?

because you know more

of the world that we gave you.

Like a great storm

we shook

the tree of Life

up to the most occult

root fibers

and now you appear

singing in the foliage,

on the highest branch

that we reached with you

Se di Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep control when everyone

I forgive you around you and they blame you;

If you can trust yourself when everyone

They doubt it, but also to take into account the doubt;

If you can wait and don't get tired of waiting,

Or if they lie about you, don't reciprocate with lies,

Or if they hate you, don't get caught up in hate,

And yet not to sound too good and not to speak too wise;

If you can dream and not make the dream your master;

If you can think and not make thought your goal;

If you can cope with Triumph and Ruin

And treat those two impostors alike;

If you can bear to hear the truth you said

Distorted by rogues to deceive fools

Or to contemplate the things you dedicated your life to, broken,

And bend over to rebuild them with worn out tools;

If you can make a bunch of all your winnings

And risk them in one fell swoop, heads and tails,

And lose and start again from the beginning

And don't say a word about the loss;

If you can force the heart, sinews and nerves

To serve your purpose when they have long been exhausted,

And to hold on when nothing else remains in you

Except the Will which tells them: "Hold on!".

If you can talk to the crowd and keep your virtue,

And to walk with the kings without losing contact with the people,

If neither the enemy nor the dearest friend can hurt you,

If everyone matters to you, but none too much;

If you can occupy the inexorable minute

Valuing every minute that passes,

Yours is the Earth and everything in it,

And - what is more - you are a Man, my son!


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The cartoons with the most beautiful phrases of the children of the "little planets", the users of We

What is said when a child is born

When a child is born and we want to write a greeting card, a congratulatory SMS or a phrase about social networks let us pause for a moment to reflect on the tone that this wish must have. Do we know the parents well? Do we just want to write congratulations? Are we genuinely excited and would like to convey this feeling to mom and dad?

- wishes for the birth they can range from a simple "Congratulations, he is a beautiful frugoletto", up to more complex sentences, articulated and profound. We could also dedicate to the newborn a famous farce, an aphorism or a long poem like the ones we have proposed to you.

Wishes for the birth of a grandson

Grandparents represent a precious figure for the newborn, who will receive values, love and protection from them, but also for parents who in many cases will turn to their grandparents for support, daily help, advice. What can the grandparents to celebrate the arrival of their grandchild?

  • Your joy with the birth of the firstborn will touch the sky, but ours is no less.
  • A little thought, to thank you for the great gift you have given us
  • Thank you for the great joy of making us grandparents, still full of love to give.
  • Welcome little one, you have just arrived and you are already filling our days with joy!

Tickets for the birth of a child

On the market, in shops and in stationery, you will find many greeting cards for birth, available in pink or blue depending on the sex of the baby, which you can buy and attach to a gift or send to new parents. Often these cards are complete, they also have funny or romantic greetings phrases and you just have to sign them. But if you want to personalize them even more, you can attach a cardboard sheet where you will have printed a beautiful poem or a phrase by a famous author, or you can handwrite a wish designed by you.

If you have children you could make gods do it yourself tickets together with them, using colored cardboard, having your little ones draw some decorations on the theme and then write your wishes.

Formal birth wishes

We close with some good wishes to send to parents with whom you are not very familiar.

  • May the radiant happiness of this day and its light accompany your child throughout his life.
  • Best wishes and congratulations on the birth of your little one.
  • Nothing is more beautiful than a new life. Congratulations to the new parents and welcome to the new arrival.
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