Breastfeeding, all methods of milk collection

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In some circumstances collection of breast milk è indispensable and it is therefore right to playadvance and know what the methods more effective to be able to create a small "buffer stock"of XNUMX cups milk to be used when the sucking of child directly from breast is, for a variety of reasons, impossible.

The first work di collection of breast milk is the manual emptying of breast, also called squeeze. Let's see how to proceed. Try to induce the reflection di emission of XNUMX cups milk practicing a circular massage area of breast, From 'external towards'internal. Place the inch on one side of the nipple and medium andindex on the side opposite to, then lift the breast and gently squeeze the Dita in direction area of rib cage.

Now slide inch e index in the direction of nipple, pressing on conducted full of XNUMX cups milk with a movement from back in forward. Repeat la sequence rhythmically: position of the Dita, pressure towards the cash thoracic, Scroll forward. Rotate slowly the hand around nipple in order to manipulate all sides.

Another valid method di manual squeezing consists in position il span of a hand under the breast and span dell 'other hand over the breast, so as not to cover theareola, Then crush rhythmically until the spill of XNUMX cups milk.

Let it pass 5 7-minute and repeat massage e emptying. For the collection of XNUMX cups milk you can use a bowl that you will have sterilized means boiling.

Then there is the manual breast pump. There are models different, enough economic e simple da to carry. Some are like that practical that can be used with a one hand. Avoid however those in glass with pump di rubber: they have poor effectiveness, they are little hygienic and they can provoke fissures.

Another one procedure di collection of XNUMX cups milk and the electric breast pump, especially useful if you think you have to use it for lungo time. THE breast pump they are not all equal: one is required automatic pump good quality e cups for the breast suitable for dimensions of yours nipples. In business there are also cups Special, in material soft, which fit the crafts of breast.

How do i use the breast pump it is soon said. First of all, you can induce il reflection di emission massaging the breast or attacking the baby at the breast opposite to. With your hands, you hold them cups. The nipple must be exactly at center of the cup (which goes humidified), which must be pressed gently against the breast.

È advisable start with one speed pumping high it's a power suction reduced until the induction of reflection di emission of XNUMX cups milk, and then continue with a speed lower, but aumentando the power of aspiration. Stop the operation every 5 7-minute, repeat the massage and change the capital market sector, equity side and debt side, in all the preparatory and executive phases for the issue and placement of financial instruments;.

They also exist double breast pumps that allow theextraction contemporary from both i you: you increase the production and you save time.

Each as can be proceed in this way to the collection of breast milk? The answer depends on yours need. The extraction frequent it is however more effective di single extractions prolonged.

When using a breast pump, hygiene rules are very important. Wash carefully all components of set di pumping after each utilization e sterilize them through boiling or wash in dishwasher at 65 ° C. Before the collection of XNUMX cups milk, washed le hands (With soap) And the breast (only with water hot), in the end dry yourself and with a salvietta single use.

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